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Love him, despise him, nochalant feelings,couldn't care less, but everybody in this country has some kind of affiliation towards Elvis Presley. Just watching/listening to certain songs inspires most people to trill away in their best 'elvis' pitch....even to go so far as the 'Elvis the Pelvis' routine.

Having just heard the classic Suspicious minds from the Las vegas years in 69/70, 1I would just like to know everybodies opinions about the legend....
he dishes up soggy fish in my local chipper!\ 8O


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Fat redneck with a love for cheese burgers who died on the toilet. Oh, and he could sing. REALLY sing.
Couldn't act, couldn't sing, could dance a bit!!

Hang on, that was some one else!


Fat druggie who sang boring songs and his daughter married a bleached black paedophile… nuff said really


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I believe it was "Peter and the Test Tubies," who put it best in my younger years:

"Elvis had a heart attack, cause he got too bleeding fat."

Still doesn't stop the look and "AAAAAHU Tank yu very much," at the end of most of my Karaoke efforts!!

Though I look more billy Idol Sneer than Elvis smooth!!
There's nothing that compares to the 'Sun Sessions' cd, a chronicle of his first few weeks in the recording studio. Very raw, down to earth rock-n-roll that set the stage for a whole generations worth of music. His next recording 'Elvis Presley'--with the famous cover that inspired the Clash's 'London Calling' is no slouch either. The two albums are the real birth of rock music.

Even his laughable movie career and tacky Vegas act can't tarnish these accomplishments.


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A quote I read many years ago by someone famous, for the life of me can't remember who.

"In the 50's he rebelled against the establishment"
"In the 60's he was accepted by the establishment"
"In the 70's he was the establishment"

Bit deep for me though


Saw this guy at our local Indian Restaurant last month :

Indian Elvis

He's on again tonight, and a bunch of us are going along again for the craic.....he's pretty good after half a dozen cobras :D

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