Elvis Is Dead

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. I remember when Elvis died in 1977, I was on Op Banner in Belfast and the whole net was alive with c/s saying Elvis is dead. Watchkeepers were tearing their hair out at the blatant breach in net security and the misuse of VP. The situation was made worse because Manamana by the Muppets had been released that year so we either got Manamana - Elvis is dead or Manamana Elvis is still dead.
    Have you ever been on stag when somebody famous has croaked and has your net security and voice procedure been 'borrowed' because of it?
  2. Elvis is dead?
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bloody hell! When did that happen? I was only talking to him last night.
  4. Not on stag but just talking aabout this....

    9/11 - on Duty Clk
    Diana - On Duty Blk
    Goody - On BOS
    Jacko - On BOS

    It's me, i'm a f*cking jinx (or a good luck charm on the last 2!!)
  5. Freddie Mercury, I was making sure that the post pallets of cam nets were nice and flat on top after a fairly heavy herfie session and heard it on BFBS. In my suitably refreshed state, I actually had to get up and confirm.
  6. Or you keep getting extras :D
  7. To be fair, the diana one was an extra. Maybe i should get a few more and start getting rid of some more oxygen theives!!
  8. On a similar vein - is it me or does it feckin annoy you when people say - "Do you know - I can remember exactly what I was doing when I heard Kennedy was shot/Elvis left the building/Diana's dead " and I say "Funny enough yes so can I - I remember I was listening to the news that was telling me Kennedy was shot/Elvis left the building/Diana's dead" :roll:
  9. I was on stag in Dallas the day that Kennedy was killed. I was on the grassy knoll ... first and last time I ever had an ND :oops:
  10. I was ROO the day Diana died, woken up by the ROS on the phone:

    ROS: 'Sir, Princess Diana has died'
    Sleepy ROO: 'What, here - in Tidworth?'
    ROS: 'No (you twat) Sir, in Paris - should we lower the Guardroom flag?'
    ROO (Gathering senses) 'Ah, er, no - let's wait for the signal - there will probably be a signal.'

    IIRC correctly there were a number of conflicting signals so we followed the path of least resistance and kept it flying. Given said Princess's habit for shagging around selected UK garrisons my sleepy error was perhaps understandable...
  11. It's not just you. I did a stint at UKDEL NATO a few years ago, and we ran a duty officer system.

    Kosovo kicks off - duty officer
    9/11 - duty officer
    Slobbo gets taken to The Hague - duty officer
    Queen Mum dies - duty officer

    It got so that Ambassadors used to cancel their leave when they knew I was on duty!
  12. When Diana lost her argument with a concrete wall/Phil The Greek I was on a rainy, windswept hillside in the Brecon Beacons (is there any other kind?). Just had a wonderful compo breakfast and then got on the net to arrange transport home and was given the news. Spent what seemed like a good 10 minutes stood around, getting soaked while waiting for the Flt Lt at the othe end to deliver the punchine.

    What a fcuking waste of time that turned out to be. At least the last day's tabbing meant I missed out on 10hrs of sh1t telly that day.
  13. Elvis is not dead. Face it, people.
  14. Start with yourself for including Goody in that list :D
  15. Fair point, off to try and drink myself to death in celebration that the world is short of one fiddy fiddler :oops: