Elvis has left the building

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by chimp503, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Elvis Costello has blasted UK fans for not liking him or his music and having no respect for the older generation of music makers. Me thinks that as he has spent 25 years in the US of A he must be thinking like a septic in such a way that he now thinks that he is bigger and better than anyone else.....sound familiar???? Big mouth and little to show for it, one decent song doesnt make a musician


    Hope this link works as i am a total technophobe
  2. Oh dear. What a shame. Never mind.

    Always loathed the whining cnut since I heard him crapping on about how the "dynamics of his voice" were too great for the many of the public to appreciate
  3. I don't have respect for "music makers" at all. They're just entertainers.
  4. And in his case not a particularly good one
  5. Elvis who?

    Wasn't he on Top of the Pops a few times in the nineteen eighties, specky cnut with a crap haircut, or am I confusing him with some other talentless attention seeking w@nker?
  6. There is only one Elvis and he is not dead. He works in a Burger King in Fresno.

  7. Wrong - I saw him on the beeb with his 6 brothers - all singing their hearts out to be THE BEST Elvis in the world, problem was that 4 of them were so bad my dead granny could have put up a better effort. :D :D

    Oliver's Army is hear to stay, I'd rather be anywhere else,... than hear to stay... lalalalalalalalalalalalala :D

    Elvis Costello - more like Abbot and Costello :D
  8. Pah! Mere charlatans and mountebanks! The real King has withdrawn his favour from this Earth as he judged us unworthy of his grace. All that stuff about hamburgers, latrine facilities and barbituates was simply the modern equivalent of being nailed to a piece of wood.

    On the 6th day, his acolytes rolled up the door on his underground car-park at Graceland to find his earthly remains had 'left the building' and ascended on high. To the penthouse suite at Heartbreak Hotel, to be specific.

    Thangyou very much.
  9. Costello keeps popping up in movies to make people remember him for his couple of hits.
    Was in Austin powers and recently Talledega nights.
    Think the US recognise him better that UK audiences.
  10. I'm sure he does a spot on radio 2 now and again :wink: