The Lord Flasheart said:
Aunty, your proof please?

We all know you are mdn's lacky, he owns you.

Several posters on here will verify that the original intel had come from you , that you were PM'd you to ask if it was true (to which you replied "yes"), followed up by you giving out Gunnys number, which at least 2 of them rang. It since turns out that Gunnys mobile had been accidentally left in your possession after his visit to Wallop last week.

Fair play, it was a good scam, it was just really bad in taste.

You can call me a lacky / bum boy etc all you want in order to try to avert the blame, you were still bang out of order and those that you spoke to know that you were lying.

Shame on you.
I can't believe you are trying to weasel your way out of this.

Flash, just stand on mate, have the balls to say it was a bad call and I'm sure we will all forgive you.


Aunty Stella said:
It since turns out that Gunnys mobile had been accidentally left in your possession after his visit last week
I'm very glad to hear this gunny person isn't really dead although i don't get why anyone would say they were. UNLESS was The Lord the last person to see them alive? Did he/she (Gunny) go to visit them, get killed by The Lord who then used the victims mobile phone to give the impression they died a week later? Why has The Lord still got the mobile phone and not sent it back to Gunny? mysterious and mysteriouser 8O
(oooo I love a good Agatha Christy) 8)
Ok, Guys much as i think you are very sick, I wasnt flash that informed me it was indeed MDN, now being Niave i didnt think that anyone would ever make up someone dieing and if something ever happens to Gunny u will all be personally responsible!!!!!!

U r very sick, sick, sick people.

But Falshy is write MDN started it and im sure the ladies will back me up on this.

BTW if you dont hear from Me, Dale, BBC, PB or others we are not dead we are just all out on the beer together!!!!!!!

Just to clear that up!!!!!

Viki - MDN telephoned me here in NZ this morning with the news that he had just heard of the sad demise of Gunny from what he thought (mistakenly) was a reliable source i.e. Flash !!

Either he went to great lengths to implement a plan or was taken in by Flash's sad and unfunny ruse


PS - Don't forget to post pics of the lesboluvfest and keep BBC away from the Mars Bars
Sent by The Lord Flasheart at 2317hrs Fri 4 Jun 04:

The Lord Flasheart said:
Slopes old chap,
It is with regret that I have to use this impersonal medium to inform you that Gunny Highway is dead. He died after an unintended collision between a kerbstone and his head. Details are sketchy, but it seems that the kerbstone may have won.

If you get this PM this week, please be aware that MDN has already bagsy'd his boots; and Baddass has got first dibs on his bergan.



PS BBC will never be a Mod.
More proof, if it were needed! :D
Viki, I posted details from phone calls I was recieving from a mobile handset. Why would I assume someone would invent the death of a former colleague? You'd have to be one sick puppy.
BBC has just seen the Radcliffe Carnival and is convinced it was in honour of the demise of gunny to the extent that she ran behind singing 'Ding Dong the witches dead'
Was BBC used as a float at said carnival?

Cancel my last, there isn't a tractor unit powerful enough to tow the tubby beast :D
We are all here!!!!!! (pb, bbc, dale, viki)

Halfway down a litre of vodka.

We have a red bull crisis, please send more.

We also have a men crisis, BBC has ate 2 already so we need more!!!!

If u r up north and can help please post reply.

Dale has also left her trail on 2 already!!!!!!!!!!

PB has turned up in a mini skirt and white stillettoes, straight from her night job!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody please save me from the madness!!!!!!!!
What is the collective name for a group of trollops?

Maybe a hoard of trollops, spelt whored of trollops :D
There’s no secret about my ‘demise’. I’ve been working down south for the last two weeks and only returned yesterday. I had limited internet access, and ARRSE and my email account were stopped by a crazy firewall. Thanks to all those who sent me kind PMs. One bizarre thing did happen. I was bombing it down a dual carriageway near Woking last Tuesday, and a car pulled out in front of me. To cut a long boring story short about skidding, swearing and shiiting bricks, my front passenger side tyre was ripped open by the force of the car hitting the kerbside. I honestly thought the car was gonna turn over. So one of you may have been tempting fate about my ‘death’………………
I blame BB and her 'contacts'!!!

Welcome back Gunny :D
Mmmmmmmm, a conspiracy theory?!!? Me and BB are now best buddies, and we send each other regular emails, so I’m pretty sure it’s none of her balaclava mates who tried to knock me off the road. Thanks Filbert, I missed you too.
MDN - you are a cnut.

But not a survivor of 64. Too lardy to get out of bed perhaps???
No, not to lardy not sad enough to attend your Gert Buckets convention

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