Hey Gunny. Miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gunny was a guy who would kill you like a dog in the street. Then laugh afterwards :lol:
Bad taste chaps.

I am a little disturbed that someone could start such a sick wind up, just because a member isn't present for a short period doesn't mean they are dead. Out of order and not funny

Shame on you Flash! Too far this time mate :evil:
Simply despicable. Flash you go beyond even the bounds of squaddie black humour this time. You should be ashamed and post a retraction and apology for this very unfunny wind up .
Unbeleivable Flash. I can't beleive you actually PM'd me this just to get the sick joke rolling.

Not funny and not clever. Is that the standard of behaviour we should expect from our moderators? :x
Flash, you made BBC cry and had Dale phoning nearly every hospital in the North West.

Gunny lost his mum ealrier this year and you then get kicks by staging poor Gunnies death, I hope for your sake he hasn't met a sticky end during his absence
The fact that there is still no apology to the members of ARRSE from Flash, the perpetrator of this vile and underhand hoax, speaks volumes of his complete lack integrity or moral fortitude.
Yes of course. Just remind the members who broke the news of Gunny's 'accident' and kept us informed via phone with gunnies dad?

Was it Mdn by any chance? BBC, Dale and viki. dont be shy now...

I find the whole episode disgusting and the events on chat when mdn PMd me saying it was a hoax and to play along due to the fact that he would balckmail me because he has 'some incrimintating evidence against me'. I only added to the fuel because right from the start, he said it was a hoax. Those that were there, know.

Had I know he was going to take it this far, i would have sacrificed my own personal protection (ie his threats of blackmail) and informed the members striaght away that it was yet another 'mdn' scam.

As you will understand, as a moderator, he feels I'm an easy target as I have to 'tow the party line' and appear to be squeaky clean. I am and have no come back to his accusations. I do however have the planning documents concerning his hoax with regard to the demsie of gunny. It is disturbing reading.

I'm sure dale and bbc will confirm that the breaker of the hoax was none other than mdn. I am very disgusted that this long standing member has upset so many sensitive civilians with his short sighted joke.

Women, under no circumstances, allow this man to lull you into sending pictures as they will appear on his depraived 'pig board'. He puts across a plausible argument for being normal but so did Harlod Shipman. Please be warned.

I urge members to be extra careful when dealing with this 'member'.
Good try, let us not forget who put out the false phone number (was actually gunnys mobile, which had been inadvertantly left round flashes pad after a visit from gunny), that was answered by a very convincing "greiving father". One of Flashes cohorts from the nether regions I would guess.

Bad, bad drills. It was you that broke the news to me by telephone, not email or PM and you were (I hate to say) very convincing.

Shame on you Flash, I can see now why the women call you "falsey" instead of Flash. I, for one, will never beleive anything you say ever again.
Aunty, your proof please?

We all know you are mdn's lacky, he owns you. One day you will be able to speak on your own, for your self. But with you being a gwar brum, its probably best you dont.

As a mod of considerable reputation, im obviously an easy target. Just ask yourselves who started the childish war against blondebint?

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