Elton John.


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What's the difference between Elton John and Kurt Cobain?

Elton's taken more than one shot in the mouth
Have you ever thought of having your own topical comedy show?


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Elton and his hubby go into the local Pizza Express for a meal, after perusing the menu and making their choices, the food arrives. Elton takes one look at his pizza and asks "what's this green stuff on the top?" The waiter replies "It's Rocket, man".
Elton John (not really but he will do) goes into a restaurant and sees rissoles on the menu.

"Waiter. I'll have the pissholes please"

"Sorry Mr John sir but that's an R"

"OK. I'll have the arrseholes then".

(I'm here all week. Two shows nightly and a matinee on Saturday.)
I used to push Elton's stools in for him when he played piano.

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