Elton John - Dad of the Year???

Don't forget, John Terry won Father Of The Year a few years back. Whats the odds Elton John gets caught up with Wayne Bridge's girlfriend - I'm thinking 1500/1.


I have often wondered what it would be like to bend elton john over and dry bum fuck him! What sort of noises do you recon he would sing?
Chances are we're a long way from happiness
Don't cover up the road to love
With words that can't express
The truth implies you're high and dry
And you're a long way from happiness

I'm one step behind
Looking out for you all the time
I'll put my faith in you
And steer you clear of love that leaves you blind

Clearly he knew that the two of you would be meeting - the last line indicates the possibility of a wank too, lucky you....

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