ELSAP explained?!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Skinn_Full, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon folks, just looking for a bit of info or general overview of the ELSAP scheme. After banging my head off a brick wall in the Clerk's office (when I should of prbably been asking questions!) Its still not been properly explained to me how the process progresses? All I got from my clerk was, I need to have identified a property and a solicitor to deal with the application. Well, thats all the info he had?! Can anyone put some meat on the bones here, as I'd love to take advantage of the scheme, but am now on leave so can't harrass the RAO etc. Any help is greatfully received! Merry Xmas,

    Skinn. ;)
  2. lsap long service advance of pay 8500£

    first put an offer on a house get it accepted
    get a solicitor
    get a mortgage

    log on to jpa, apply on lonie. you need all the details from above

    you will get a workflow stating application pre-approved
    print the form off
    sign it
    doctor sign it
    imprest holder/fsa/rao sign
    co sign

    clerks will send to gosport

    dont bother clerks again they cannot help you from this point

    lsap team at gosport liase with solicitor

    all goes through easy
  3. explian to bank and solicitor that 8500 of your deposit comes from LSAP, they know all about it

    i process at least one app a fortnight and from an infantry bn thats a lot
  4. Thank you very much. I may just just put all my admin enquiries on ARRSE and cicumvent the clerks at my place from now on, your response was quicker and a hell of a lot more concise! Thanks again.

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  5. Be warned it can become a pain in the arse especially if you want to remortgage in the future. It is classed as a second charge against the property and will usually result in additional legal fees. It also affects your PAYE coding notice and you will lose some of your tax allowance. You will be charged a small amount towards paying it back each month which appears on your pay statement.
  6. I would recommend checking your solicitor of choice has dealt with the system before, and give at least 8 weeks between applying for LSAP and completion. We had no problems and everything went through about a week before but friends of ours had major problems and it cost them LOADS of money and nearly lost them the house! Good luck :)
  7. Helps if you speak directly to your FSA most young clerklets will not have heard much about it to be fair - the Basic Clerks Course/BMAC/SIPAC or whatvere this months abbreviation is does not touch on it.
  8. LSAP ie the army no longer put a charge on your house
  9. I am looking at applying for LSAP very shortly, can anyone tell me roughly how much the monthly repayments are and if these can be put off for a year or two? I will be reading the JSP tomorrow but you lot will make more sence.