elmpt station

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by john345789, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. I am currently awaiting a posting to elmpt station what kind of married quarters can i expect?
  2. how many kids etc?
  3. none its just me and my wife
  4. Depends what is available.

    You have a load of quarters that are not PUMA'd/updated, but you will only pay around £70 a month for them.

    The newer ones are nice but quite pricey. Have you put your paperwork in yet?

    PM me if you need more info/advice.
  5. Mate,
    I did 3 and a half years in Elmpt, i left in Mar 2008. Quarters are good, i too am married with no kids and found the houses spacious (i was in a puma'd quarter near the naafi. It went up as i left to about £170 a month but was well worth. Best quarter ive had in 10 years.

    Enjoy Elmpt while it lasts!
  6. He didn't say he had a ten year posting
  7. And you don't know anyone who has done 10 years at Elmpt ? Plenty of people do the 7-16-7 shuffle.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if a couple of H troop were still there
  9. Yon forgot 628 :wink:
  10. Didn't forget em, just couldn't remember the name and did'nt want to get beasted :D
  11. Doesn't Elmpt close when BORONA happens? Is that due to occur soon? where will 7/16 go? is it true they plan to combine them into a single Regt in Cosford or somewhere like that?
  12. i get there in the summer, cant wait, hope this barona nonsense does not happen for a few years yet.

    anyone know anything more about it?

    this will be my third posting at 7 sigs and i could not give a fcuk what job i am doing i am just happy to be returning to my spiritual home!!

    has the station changed much in the last 4 years??
  13. They are on about (if and when) Elmpt closes, they will move Duss Weeze (Old Laarbruch) to Bruggen, I cant see it happening.

    As the previous poster said I cant wait to go back there either.
  14. The Germans wil not allow anymore flying fro Brugen, nor will the Dutch ( over flight / departure through NLD airspace) . Elmptis now due to close on 2010/11 but it all depend son where they send the combined 7/16 Regt, plans for Cosford remain poorly funded. I undestand that HQW ARRC will move to UK irrespective as this is purely polutical decison. 7/16 may remain but life wil;l become more austere as JHQ closes up - no schooling etc!!??
  15. Elmpt is not going to close before 2016.