Elmpt Station, is it that good???

Is Elmpt Station a good posting ?. or is it arrse? i have heard many debates on this subject . what with 2 major units and a minor unit fighting for supremacy .is it a massive power struggle between the units ? or is it same sh1t different bfpo number????
I quite liked it. Quite good facilities, close to Monchengladbach and Roermond. Not too bad a drive to the ferries.

I didnt see a power struggle between the units at all. To be honest, its just like anywhere, its what you make it.

I agree, it's not too bad; plus there is light at the end of the tunnel on the operational front after a slow few years (esp for 7 Sigs) in what has been an extremely busy period for the Corps.

It is indeed what you make it. If you're not that busy, crack on with your courses and get qualled up.

Elmpt station, run by a complete clown of a guy in 16, last name a bit like a telly presenter with fearn, first name phil! Anyone know that guy? Well there has never before in the history of the Corps been such empire building, does 16 not already have enough real estate for thier gay IS ops, how much room does a computer take up anyway?
Give the guy his MBE and **** him off!!
As a station its alright. i have a family and to have the chance to go from 16 - 7 - 628 would be perfect, thats nine years with out having to up and move. Perfect for a child in school.

As for the work life.......i am in a unit where we dont have lifes. We have so many seniors that its like a huge pissing comp. every day. And the bonding between all ranks and trades just doesnt happen like it should.
Shame, because with the charactors on the shop floor it could be a great unit.

Ok, the welfare side of life in Elmpt is a bit poor, probably down to the size of the camp which makes any closeness, or family unit ties very difficuly.
I know in previous units when my Regt went away loads was laid on for families, and I mean loads, without it being too much - if you get my drift.

Elmpt is very different and you hear wives saying bye to hubby and never seeing anybody from the unit for the whole peroid hubby is away, ok if the Mrs is a bit outgoing, difficult if she is a bit shy. Why this is I do not know, again, possibly to do with the lack of closeness. Elmpt does not really have that many clubs, a bit of a sense of apathy seems apparant when you compare it to JHQ and the number of activities available there. I agree with the CO's decision to get rid of the numerous waterholes as when I am on duty, every problem is boredem and drink related, however weekend activities are few and far between.

Overall it is OK, but 7&16 get hit for ops when not on ARRC support, so you just have to remember that you will be away a lot and the Mrs is in a foreign country and may get very lonely.
I came to Elmpt from a small tight knit unit, and all i can say is that the bonding and comradeship that is normal in all the other units i have been to is non-existant, the only thing that happens here is 'backstabbing' and 'one upmanship' and 'brown-nosing'
Unfortunately for me and many other normal people who do not subscribe to this philosophy of promotion, or life in general, it makes working in this particular camp 'absolute dog ****'
Thankyou for your paticipation to rid the camp of all brown nosing assholes and make the posting a much better place!!
7 sigs krefeld 96-99 crackin posting . great mates who never let you down , quality drinking , every sqn had a bar , good man managers , rsm was actually human!!, i have spoken to many ex 7 about its new location and i have been told not to go , is it that bad???.......
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