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To stop you Bruggen IS types from cluttering up the remainder of the board with drivel...please feel free to use it as the Families/All Ranks Bar that you wish to have on camp.

Be aware though that the canteen cowboy is in operation (ie me..its a long hard duty but someone has to do it).
Erm no thanks...think I will pass on the offer, that´s why we created our own threads.

But thanks for the offer  ;D
Posted to Elmpt shortly, can any one tell me the current LOA rate for a Sgt with 3 kids, i cant seem to find any website that tells you or any for tax free cars.

Many Thanks for any assistance.
skhips - I do not know about the LOA, however I can tell you that I filled in more paperwork to BFG my car than I did to buy my house. The red tape is appalling.

Good Luck

Happy in Elmpt
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