Elmpt Barracks?

HI Just wondering if there's anyone online who is at or reacently been to Elmpt :?:

Looks like me and the family will be moving there middle of next year and all the info on Armynet /Army links is a good 2 years out of date 8O

Any info for 7 Sigs would be great. ie. If anyone knows what tours there covering/ Have coming up, How they are for family welfare? Currently here with some 280 guys here but they're not sure on what 7 are upto cheers. :) :)
i spent 3 years attached to 7 sigs in krefled in the late 90's, quality regt, with quaility guys, would go back tomorrow,best time with them was attached to a trunk node in macedonia/kosovo, well looked after me, funniest thing was one of the lads looked like and danced like chubby brown, one evening some ruppert had a dance off with him and got wasted FCuking funny, elmpt (bruggen) is quite remote but if you both drive its fine, with the dutch border just left out of camp with roemond and venlo not far away. if you play golf your laughing as theres a quaility 18 golf course on camp and its a well cheap membeship, you lucky git i would go tomorrow if i had the chance
Cheers. :D . I'd better kick the long haired Generals backside to learn how to drive then.

I've always heard how good it was at Krefeld. It's just the the talk of it being the best posting in the Corps. (90's) Hasn't been as batted around since they moved really so i'm just putting some feelers out to see if there's a reason why??
For all the info you need go to:

http://www.bfgnet.de - use the menu and click on "So you are posted to Germany" if you have kids there is a link to the Service Childrens' Education site.

Also a link to the Rheindahlen job site for employment for your wife.

As for Elmpt, a very nice place, lots on camp for both single and married and improving by the month.

As for tours and Exercises - in the next 2 years you will be busy.
Thank you GP3_Bunny.

That is extremly helpful.

But as for busy for the next 2 years. It will be same as the last 2 and probably the 2 after that. Least it stops us being bored. :lol:
OK - here is the good and bad:

The bad;

Living on camp is very clicky, lots of gossip and people sticking noses in, so if you do anything everybody knows, however 50% live in Wildenrath or Bracht

Some of the wives/familes are still in the mindset that they are living on a crappy council estate in West Yorkshire and bring it with them (you can spot them, usually fifteen stone+, track suit, fags, gold necklaces, swearing like a trooper ie, shouting "come ere' ya littke fooka" whilst standing outside the school!!!).

The good:

MQs are good and getting PUMA'd.
Very close to Holland & ferry port.
V close to airports.
NAAFI Bistro now open, very good.
Slowly, more and more facilities opening.
Close to Rheindahlen/NATEX/PX.
More spouse job opportunites compared to rest of BFG.
Very good schools

As for 7 sigs, well, once upon a time 7 never got touched as it was an ARRC Unit, now, it seems that the UK MOD looks for gaps in the ARRC commitments and now uses them (this also goes for 16)

Overall, not too bad, but for me, living on camp is too clicky.

PM for any more info.
bed_surfer said:
I've always heard how good it was at Krefeld. It's just the the talk of it being the best posting in the Corps. (90's)
Got to say best corps posting for Sigs in the 90's was without a doubt either 1Sqn 16 Sig Regt (JHQ) or any Airfield troop of 220 Sqn 21 Sig Regt (AS) talk about civvies in uniform. take Hotel trp, 220 sig sqn as an example, at was was RAF Bruggen/is now Elmpt Bks, 20 odd soldiers and 1500 blue jobs. we had tailored shirts, sewn in creases, danna/hitech magnums, was such an easy posting.

Is the "frog and radiator" bar still in what was Number 1 hangar? (first big hangar on the left) that was our troop bar.

Happy times...

have fun

That hangar is 628 Sigtp and the LAD now. There is the 628 bar on the ground floor and i think there is an old bar upstairs. Dont know if its still in use.

GP3 Bunny PM me with your e-mail address mate to keep in touch.

Life in Elmpt is ok however, if you have seen the DVD about life in Elmpt dont get over excited as that is another Elmpt, the one that exists on the DVD only in an over imaginative mind.

How much you will see of your family will depend a lot on what you do, some of us seem to spend most of our time away on ops or exercise and the next 2 years is set to be very busy.

The social life on Elmpt is ok if you are a junior, if you are a senior forget it as the adults have banned us from everywhere on camp unless you want to go bowling :x
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