Elliot Jackson is a...

... cunt.

Well, thats just my opinion, sort of thing i would say over a pint in the Naafi Bar to a crowd of mates

I think Elliot Jackson is a cunt.

linky here
Neil Swinburne, 22, arrested over Dale Cregan Facebook 'tribute' page | Mail Online

here he is, he even looks like a cunt. born a cunt, lives like a cunt and talks like a cunt. so much of a cunt in fact, if there was a cunt contest he would come second. because he's a cunt




Fucking shite when a man can't express his own thoughts and feeling freely, without being arrested!
He's still a cunt though :)
Well I am obviously not a cunt as I never make jokes about Maddie being in the cellar. She is in the sh#d FFS.

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