Ellen MacArthur - Phenomenal achievement

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Well done Ellen, particularly the part about beating the Frenchman.
  2. Posts deleted, save it for the Naafi bar.

    Congratulations Ellen , a gutsy achievment, and good to see the world left in no doubt that Britain still rules the waves.
  3. Bugger! There goes my answer. But I think yours is a bit 'toungue in cheek'
    PTP :)

    Nice one Ellen
  4. Nice to see we can still produce young explorers and adventurers that
    modern 'yoofs' can relate and aspire too.
    Well done Ellen.
  5. News coming in Ellen has just been created a Dame. (Subject to confirmation)
  6. Unless you're from the Graudian or course.


    Can you believe this piece of sh1t knocking the lady before she even came ashore. What a despicable piece of left-wing, mustn't have any winners, especially women, crap from a waste of paper rag.

    Bravo Ellen and b0ll0cks to the Graudian.
  7. Typical left wing b@llocks, ashamed to be British from that bunch of crape.....what is it with the left wing fraternity of this country and their desire to mock all things British :?

    They would be the first to complain if we didn't do anything to be proud of and now that we are, they complain :evil:

    Send them on a ship with no sails or motor and a slow leak into the pacific trailing blood :twisted:
  8. There are a lot of people in the professional sailing contingent who wouldn't sail across the Solent with her. They feel what she does is sailing by numbers - it's a mechanical achievement rather than a skilful one. q.v.

    Bob, there are a lot of people that feel you write stories by numbers, and I wouldn't cross the street to buy your rag.

    'Professional sailing contingent' - aka Jealous no-name-no guts-no-glory individuals.

    'sailing by numbers'? Isn't that the safest way to undertake this exercise? You need to be an automaton to keep driving yourself for hour after hour . Is there another way to sail this sort of endeavour? She was trying to beat a record 'Bob' , or are your pimms supping jealous sailing experts criticising her 'Artistic Flair' ?

    Tell me 'Bob' what's the most arduous sailing task you've ever undertaken?

    Your comments come across as jealous and waspy , and I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were a part-time hairdresser or interior designer.

    Ellen has the heart of a Lion, Guts and she makes one damn proud to be British today, unlike your excuse for a newspaper that attacks endeavour wherever it finds it

    Guardian Lurkers, you can tell him where to find this thread, but I doubt he'll try and defend his appalling attack.

    Chopper :evil:
  9. PTP,

    eloquently put and so much better than my rant.........I love U and so does Doris my Lama :wink:
  10. Thank you all for introducing me to a genuinely new experience - being moved to defend an article in The Guardian.

    If one reads it closely, it is supportive of Ellen MacArthur and her achievement - it merely advises us not to place her achievement anyway near those of Sir Francis Chichester or mariners (especially solo circumnavigators) of the last age. These were people who, unlike MacArthur, did not have telephones, webcams and blogs to relieve the loneliness, didn't have a team of 'Sailing Advisors' constantly on hand, or hourly meterological reports, GPS navigation, lightweight multi-hulls, etc...

    MacArthur, if she had really wanted to amulate these people, could easily have done away with all these things and sailed the boat herself, navigated herself and been by herself. In this The Guardian has a very fair point and one I'm inclined to agree with.

    What it misses though is the fact that MacArthur wasn't trying to amulate these people - her voyage was all about speed, not achieving the circumnavigation with only basic equipment, etc. Sir Francis sailed around the world in 220 days in Gypsy Moth IV - why repeat that feat when you can do the same thing is 70-odd days, and with a greater chance of surviving the experience?

    So well done, MacArthur - it is a great achievement. But we should be careful not to let it eclipse those of greater sailors than her.
  11. I'm by no means a leftie or a reader of the (insert "ironic" spelling of Guardian here). But I can't say I'm overly awestruck by the event.

    Yes, Well done that girl, pat on the back, shouldn't have to pay for drinks at the yacht club for a while. A Dame and (according to poll on Beeb site), the "greatest British sportsperson" - I don't think so.

    The fact that this record is seen as such a remarkable British achievement is idicative of exactly how little we have to be proud of. I'm rather inclined to feel a greater degree of respect for someone who works in a boring job that they detest in order to feed themselves than for someone who is lucky enough to be able to pursue their hobby on a full time basis.

    Still, I suppose it's nice to have some good news.
  12. Its a great achievement sailing is an exspensive undertaking pity the sponsors coulndt choose a decent name but lesser people can always point and sneer critics dont count