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  1. Hi everybody. I have recently sat my BARB test and i am now in the process of picking my 3 job types. I know i want to go infantry but i am stuck between the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and the Parachute Regiment. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me how elite the parachute regiment is compared to other infantry regiments, or are they more or less all the same.
  2. Look up p-company
  3. Joining the para's is very hard
    Your 1.5 mile run time needs to
    Be down to like 9 mins for an acceptable
    Time as opposed to 10.30-11 mins in most
    Other regiments
  4. Put it this way,

    1 PARA supports UKSF.
  5. ..as do many others :)
  6. 007 you are a useless retard, i suggest you go somewhere quiet with a tissue and "wah" yourself silly.
  7. I suggest you stop asking bloody stupid questions you mong.
  8. To be honest, you shouldnt expect anything less ;) :D

    You start bandying words like 'elite' around when asking about Para Regt and most people assume like the rest of us you are taking the mickey :D

    As far as i am concerned the only Elite troops we have in the UK are Special Forces, Para Regiment by virtue of the fitness tests they have to do are a step in that direction but once they are on the ground they are Infantry the same as the other Regiments ;)

    Guards are Elite when it comes to polishing their kit, Household Cavalry are Elite when it comes to walloping their donkeys! :D
  9. I find that most people asking this question are stuck in two minds because they havn't self belief or are unsure if they will make it. To be honest the above post hit the nail on the head. Special Forces are the "elite" as you put it. The Paras can be used as a stepping stone towards them, aswell as any other regiment, but you can't choose you are chosen.

    Your original post of how elite are they? is bizarre. Its like asking how long is a piece of string. If you think you are fit enough go Para, find out yourself.
  10. Or boil your head for asking mong questions.
  11. Just do the research yourself and put the effort in instead of asking everybody to do it for you.

  12. I don't think it was a, "bloody stupid" question considering it was my first post. I was only asking because whenever civvy's like myself hear about the para's in papers etc, they are always spoken highly of. Also i find it impossible to understand how trying to get information on different regiments before making a difficult decision makes me a mong, :roll: ..........anyway thanks five for answering my question.
  13. Try the Para homepage! Mong.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.