Elite UK and US Forces footage

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Interesting footage. Anyone else notice firing GMPG from standing whilst holding the carrying handle?? Couldn't exactly call it accurate, but nice area denial weapon!! How have they managed to link it to that specific engagement with taliban prisoners?
  2. I don't know much about the video, I just came across it. Maybe the camera guy said it was of the area where the uprising was. It looks almost like WWI trench stuff there, it's certainly intense.
  3. It was Qalai Janghi Prison.
  4. A lot of this footage was shown at the time and even more. Really interesting though.

    Good post
  5. That would make the US pax CIA Paramilitaries, no?
  6. Thats footage shot by Aghan reporters at Qalai Janghi as said. It was shown on Ch4 a while ago.
  7. Interesting to hear the commentator mention Amnesty International were asking questions why so many Taliban prisoners died.

    Simple, lead poisoning.

    If they weren't Taliban, they wouldn't be prisoners and thus wouldn't be dead. AI should be asking why there aren't more dead really. It would save them the trouble investigating why so many people are being abused at the hands of the Telitubbies. Lentil eating sandal wearers.
  8. Nah they were mostly USAF / Navy Seals as i remember.

    The CIA were inside the compound either being gutted like pigs or trying to hold out in a room.
  9. I think you're right about that. They look like either seals or delta to me.
  10. Qualify that??
  11. No. Sorry. Just from other photos I've seen. I'll be quiet now :(
  12. Flash, I darent suggest it, but the forum that Chief Joseph links to and finds these sites on is full of texan teenagers gagging for a picture of anyone special without black nasty across their eyes.
    (Having visited the site I can point out the distinguishing features of the Porpoises and Epsilons.

    Big arms - big arms are very delta!
    tacticaljizzwiggler8FYT-plate carrier.
    Prolapsed 4r5diddler boots
    ubersoldat chest rig
    webteknikal thigh holsters.
    and if you pause the film at 0.05 the guy in the back third from left is carrying a limited issue fighting racing strobe knuckle knife in a specops sheat.
  13. Telegraph 30/11/01

    Sunday Nov 25: It is unclear how the revolt started. One account says the prisoners attacked an unidentified British journalist during an interview and the revolt spread.

    A separate version says it was two CIA agents who sparked the uprising when they attempted to interrogate prisoners for intelligence on al-Qa'eda leaders. One is killed, the other flees.

    But both accounts agree that the Taliban rapidly gained control of the south-west of the fortress.

    A fierce battle then erupts with alliance troops manning the walls. Taliban fighters take the armoury.

    The surviving CIA man uses a satellite phone to call in support. About a dozen SAS and American special forces officers rush to the fortress to direct the alliance soldiers and US air attacks. One bomb misses its target, injuring five American soldiers and killing several alliance troops.

    Monday Nov 26: Up to 400 Taliban are believed dead by morning. Alliance troops and tanks continue the attack, aided by US warplanes, but are repelled by heavy Taliban fire from a hard core of fighters. British and American troops are in the thick of the fighting.

    Tuesday Nov 27: Taliban fire stops after more pounding from the air and alliance troops. The revolt ends, although it is reported that a handful of fighters are hiding in the bowels of Qalai Janghi.

    Wednesday Nov 28: Gen Dostum surveys the corpses and dismisses suggestions of an atrocity. Bodies are taken to a mass grave 20 miles away.

    Thursday Nov 29: Two hospital workers collecting bodies are shot and wounded by a handful of Taliban troops hiding in underground bunkers.
  14. The brits are sbs(a book I have just got.Damien lewis's bloody heroes goes into great detail of this fort battle.)And the septics are delta and cia.Near the end of the battle A10's bomb our troops and were buried under the rubble of the wall.