Elite TA units?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Obviously a baiting post and will get many HAC/4 Para/Londons replies but do we have any??

    My own Sig Sqn has done very well on Cambrian patrol competition in the past, we've got most of the most modern kit in the TA Royal Corps of Signals, we have more class 1 Cpls than most/all other Sqns, out of 32/38/40 Sigs Regts we have the highest number of soldiers/NCO's converted to BOWMAN, we've supplied more soldiers for ops than many other sqns, more soldiers undertaken extra IT courses (Promina, Windows Admin etc). Also won a number of driving competitions.

    and to top it all, I don't think we've started trying to be the very best.
  2. Sigs - ELITE!?! :?

    I think I just pee meself! :p
  3. Not all though...ehh :wink:
  4. You are on a hiding to nothing here Polar. I shall just sit back and enjoy the carnage.
  5. They're hardly SF :D

    Elite my arse...
  6. all ta soldiers are classed as SAS ( saturday and sunday)
  7. Elite is a very much over used word. To use it in the context of a Signals unit or a TA unit (Signals or not) is a little over the top.

    You may be from what you think is a 'good' Signals TA unit..... but elite it is not. I'm with the only TA unit on the continent, the only TA troop I know that is actually part of a regular Squadron in a regular Regiment. Good? I think so. Unique? Yes. Elite? No.

    Push that 'Elite' word too much, especially in the context of the TA, and you'll just end up looking and sounding like a 'walt'.
  8. Don't the RWxY play with CR2 and QOY with CVR(T)?

    Kind of 'elite' wouldn't you say (and they're RAC so that's 'elite enough isn't it...)

    Horse-drawn taxi for one!
  9. [​IMG]

    Bowman upgrade first picture;


    Ok, all jokes aside, the Sigs did/do have some dedicated members who ensure global comms work!

  10. careful now - this man is evidently a Wah Jedi ;)

    stand back - we don't know what we're dealing with
  11. Elite and TA in the sentence?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - stop injecting it neat you sad civilian.
  12. You mean APART from 63(SAS)Signal Sqn? :wink:
  13. I love that, I do more complicated ICS than you willl ever do. Yes your penis is small.
  14. I was going to rip the pish here, but it would be cruel and no real challenge.