Elite SA unit raids Zumas home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/4161946.stm

  2. Zuma is a Zulu and has backiing from that section of the populace. The ANC was/is basically non Zulu so a spot of tribal is going on.
    Zuma was a serious replacement for Mbeki who wants to continue the African tradition of President for life and succeded by son.
  3. Zimbabwe take two..............if this were a film the sequel would be entitled, "Blame it on the White Man, Imperialist Oppressor".

    Rapes and murders are reaching an epedemic status.

    SA economy is failing.

    Its Political leadership(?) is questionable.
    Feck it and the whole continent.
  4. A couple of years ago I had a chat with a couple of retired,ex brits. The husband a Yorkshire born miner had gone to work in SA. They said it was/had been a lovly cuntry but now was just going to the dogs. The local police had a dozen cars of which now only the senior officers worked, maintanence money had been spent else where.
  5. South Africa should be left to the animals imho . Or at least run by outsiders bring back the empire i say
  6. As an guy born in Nigeria i say you are right. We are all animals and should all be left alone.It is not fit for human beings.
    No one asked you to go to Africa so don't go.Simple??
  7. I once shagged a lass from Bulawayo who was absolutely cracking in the sack, so there. :lol:
  8. And I didnt ask them to come over here :) .Sorry I'll edit my post really should leave comments like that to the naffi I aplogise
  9. Why did you edit your post?Don't hide your true feelings, express them.There is nothing wrong with hating Africans.You are right Africans were not asked to the UK and you have the right to speak your mind about them.
  10. The lesson I think you learned from this Woody , is more attention to punctuation? Red, I read woody's original post , and I am perhaps more used to his posting style. I took his meaning to be "Left to the Fauna" not "Africans are animals"

    Though having seen some dreadful things in Africa, some inhabitants could indeed be best described as animals. Except I can't think of an animal that slaughters mercilessly others of it's species because they are in a different tribe.
  11. Ants? :roll:
  12. Red Shrek I dont hate Africans .The last lot i worked with both white and coloured seemed arrogant and had a chip on their shoulder which meant I ended up walking on egg shells round them .Trying to manage a team of south africians zimbaweans
    and chaves who all blame each other and are shouting at oneanother in a variety of languages .Will certainly bring out thoughts
    that shouldnt be put on keyboards :oops: .
    What is the answer to south africa White rule was patently unfair cruel etc and the ANC seem to be failing too .
    Empire ? at least the population would have an outside "oppresor" to unite against but cant see anyone too keen on the idea .
  13. Cool :D Africans are a mixed bunch.I have worked with guys from SA in the past and for the most part i had a nasty experince cause apparently, they blame Nigerians for the current situation of their country and these SA blokes love to slag me at every moment they had.
  14. Why has Nigeria messed up South Africa ? I heard the reason zim went down the toilet is the british left the wrong sort of whites in charge :) .Hadnt heard Nigeria being blamed for south africa mess maybe they all fell for the dodgy e mail con :) .
  15. I live in South Africa, reckon its the most awesome place on earth to live. The economy isnt going down the tubes its at its strongest in years, ive heard about more rapes and murders in the UK on sky news in the last couple of weeks than here (including the supposedly South African rapists who turned out to be from a country near SA) and Thabo Mbeki is an alright type, solid guy, if he stands for a third term its not cos he has empire building ambitions its becuase he wants to stop Zuma and his loony fringe from taking power. He also has no children, his only son was killed by the security police years ago and his name wasnt John.

    Reckon you all should listen less to miserable expats whose problems really boil down to the fact that they dont fancy living here now that they actually have to work for their standard of living and not have it given to them on a silver platter becuase of the paleness of their skin. Most of them come home after a couple of years anyway when they figure out that grass really isnt any greener on the other side.