eligible jobs sheet, no infantry dates?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    Currently Infantry is 3rd choice but just got a question on that.

    On my eligible jobs list it's got all the jobs I can do, how many jobs 'this selection' and 'next selection' and the dates for the next 'batch' as such.

    Most of the jobs have another batch in the next 1.5-2 months.

    In the infantry jobs, (para's and 3 other regiments), there isn't a date next to them, aswell there is no places available, why is this?

    do they regularly recruit loads and loads so they leave this section blank?

    or what?


  2. u wana pm sgr darbyshire or the iron theyll give u the answer find them in one of the forums my guess is that they want improve u and ur career so try to point you in the direction of a trade but like i say try find 1 of them
  4. i passed selection on 5th june and couldve started on the 10th if i wanted, but that wouldnt of been enought time to square my kit away.but now i've ended up waiting 2 months until august 12th...just comes down to pot luck i guess!
  5. As Gnr_D said yes there are loads of basic Trg courses for Infantry, RAC and RA and also on the Infantry are different levels dependant on your BARB test score (1-4 if I remember correctly and only one of the levels has number of vacancies on) but this doesnt make any difference as Infantry level 1-4 will all be on the same Basic courses. This is more for the recruiter/PSO for info and once you hopefully passed for what ever of your preferences they will liase with allocations and get you in for a chat to choose which one you'd prefer and the possible dates. You get a 14 day slot after you pass to make sure you have made the right choice if you need it. Hopefully you will get your first choice anyway and that way you dont have to make any decisions.
  6. Well done for passing selection.
    Had quite a few in your position and as you say it can be a bit too soon to prepare and its up to the individual, in some respects I would of probably done the same. Keep your fitness up over the summer and good luck in training.