Eligibility to PVR? Help needed!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Charlie_Mike, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Can someone please offer help advice on the following regarding PVR.

    I enlisted into the army in Jun 1990 as a fresh faced 16 year old.

    Basic training as a Junior Leader commenced in July 1990 and was completed in Jun 1991.

    I then went on to trade training and re-signed a 6 year contract on my 18th Birthday in May 1992.

    I received scale B rates of pay until the implementation of P2K.

    Having checked my AVR and MEP they both clearly state next to type of engagement that I am on NOTENG (Open).

    I have been planning to terminate my service for several months now and have been waiting for the right time, personally, to do so.
    Once notice had been given the plan was to actively seek employment and upon a guaranteed job offer being made, I would apply for PVR.

    The time to NTT is fast approaching, however, today having treble checked my eligibility to PVR I have been informed that I am not able to PVR as my 18th Birthday was in May 1992.

    I have always been lead to believe that I had the right to PVR as I was contracted on NOTENG.

    Could someone please clarify this matter as I have received conflicting information from admin staff.

    Many Thanks.
  2. Get your Admin staff to check 9.415. of Queens Regs, and ask them where it says you can't PVR.

    Can't bloody stand clerks, and I'm one myself.
  3. You cannot PVR as your engagement changed to NOTENG (OPEN), OPEN being the key word. You went onto this engagement when whatever time that you were contracted for finished (6 years), you could have PVR'd at any time during your contract, although, you would have had to have paid back the extra money that you recieved whilst under the NOTENG (scale B rates), however, because you stayed in beyond your ROD you had to be put on to the Open Engagement as this came in Jan 91 and NOTENG finished, negating your right to PVR. Hope this clears things for you.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So you guys are no longer allowed to PVR - how sh1t is that!!!
  5. LongJohnSIlver- You are wrong, those on NOTENG engagements can PVR, there are very few but just because the army changes the contract does not - I know I am one of the 1990 Junior Leaders
  6. I'm a 1987 junior leader now on Open Engagementt and I still have the right to PVR if I wish (highly unlikely as I'm like the many thousands within the pension trap)
  7. LJS, I'm afraid you have got your facts totally wrong; the notice engagement and the open engagement are two different things - the notice engagement as correctly pointed out above finished on 31 Dec 1990, those on it signed on for 3, 6 or 9 years but retained the ability to PVR at any point during their service after 3 years, once they entered the final year of the contracted time they went on to NOTENG OPEN and could then give 12 months notice at any time. Those signing on (over the age of 18) on or after 1 Jan 91 went on to the open engagement and commit to serve a minimum of 4 years so can give 12 months notice from the end of 3rd year onwards but cannot PVR at any stage.
  8. PayWog, That is what I am saying, once the contract has finished i.e. 3, 6, or 9 after Jan 91 all went onto the NOTENG (OPEN) giving them the right to give 12 months notice, and all who joined after this date were accepted onto the OPEN engagement (At the time it was a minimum of 3 years not 4), appoligies if this is not clear in my post.
  9. DB - You could PVR whilst on the NOTENG 3, 6 or 9 but after 01 Jan 91 once your contract Ran Out you were put on the NOTENG (OPEN) giving you the same TACOS as the OPEN engagement i.e. no PVR, unless you apply to go onto a special MCM Div PVR Board (i'e' you wish to join the Police, Ambulance Service or annother Public Sector job), these are the exception as opposed to the norm. I will stand corrected if proved wrong.
  10. All,

    Thanks for the replies.

    I have since looked at the TACOS Handbook (published 2000). In it states that those who ENLISTED prior to 1 Jan 1991 retain the right to PVR.

    I think that this will suffice, given that if necessary i will take this matter to DM(A) and point out that there is an excess of my trade group and it really is in the best interest of the Army to let me go (When the time comes!!)

    Any further comments/suggestions are still very much welcome though!
  11. Yes, whilst still contracted 3, 6 or 9 (NOTENG), once this contract finished you lost your right to PVR, see mine & PayWog's posts above, goog luck anyway.