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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Porro_Ago_Ulster, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Evening Chaps,

    I have a more unusual question on eligibility outside the issues of Citizenship and Academic qualification.

    Currently I am at university in my final year reading Law. Since leaving school I have kept in close contact with the army careers office as it has been my ambition to gain a commission in the army.

    In June of this year I sat my RCB Briefing and gained a 2:(6). My Main Board is scheduled for the November 29th. However, providing that I pass I am unsure as to a date to attend RMAS as I am considering taking my LPC for Law and gain a LLM masters.

    A friend has recently joined the TA and was enquiring whether or not I would like to join. Am I eligible to join even though I am undertaking my RCB with a sponsorship from the GH?

    I do not wish to waste the TA’s time and effort by filling out the application forms currently in my possession and have them half processed to find that I am not eligible to join.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. fist thing first, you can join the TA as you please and go as you please, it is a much easier going organisation then the regluar.
    But you should think about going to UOTC if you going to be in univeristy for a few more year.
    Also you can try the TA officer route as it is possible to do the TAPO from where are you at the moment.
  3. My "local" UOTC is in Birmingham which is too far to travel every weekend!!!

    I’ll only be at University for the remainder of this year and finish in June 06. The LPC is done at a separate college for 10 months………………. So I may be looking at the possibility at Sandhurst with the Regs in Sep 07.
  4. Yes, you can apply to join the TA.

    No, you couldn't join an OTC unit directly because they will only take people who have a minimum of two years left at University, but you might be able to go roundabout via a TA unit.

    I wouldn't recommend considering doing a TAPO (TA Potential Officer) training course while doing a serious Masters Degree course. The TAPO course takes a lot of time and effort - it isn't just a turn up and pass.

    So the question is, why do you want to join the TA? Is it to earn money, or is it to gain some experience, maybe learn a little about military leadership before you go back to RCB? Without knowing what you want to get out of joining it is a bit difficult to advise you on the various options, or what would work best for you.
  5. My main aim would be to gain some military experience, learn a little more about leadership and generally just have a basic military understanding.

    Plus I feel it may be some help with my current fitness programme, and above all undertake fresh challenges and learn some new skills. All of which wouldn’t do me any harm when starting a military career.