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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MoistVelvet, May 20, 2004.

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  1. I have just joined the TA and am wondering how soon I may be able to depoly on an operational tour, if I've only passed the basic training, is that enough i.e. is that class 3 (fit for deployment)? Or do I have to do trade training before I can be deployed? Could or would I be deployed without sufficient training? Two weeks just doesnt sound alot!
  2. If you have only received phase 1 training (2 weeks recruit course) then i think you will find that before you can deploy now you will need to have completed your phase 2 or trade training.

    The unit i am an SPSI at, recently had a guy deployed on OP Telic, only once he got out there did they realise that he was still a class 4 soldier or NFQ as they are termed (not fully qualified).

    This caused a bit of a drama because of not only the pay situation in that even with the X factor etc he was still bringing back less than a class 3 regular soldier, but also with the problem that he could not be employed on anything other driving land rovers etc, consequently all recent trawls under "intelligent mobilisation" at our unit ensured that only soldiers who were class 3 in trade and beyond were even considered.

    However, its not say that it couldnt happen again if they needed it to happen, and in all fairness the soldier i am talking about acquitted himself extremely well and did actually gain more in terms of "on the job" training that he could have possibly received whilst back at the TA centre.
  3. Depends on your corps, in the infantry your liable for call up once you've completed your recruits course.

    Two weeks doesn't sound a lot but you've recieved a lot more than.
  4. Thanks for replying,

    According to the TA Regs,

    Annex C to Chapter 1, para 3 sub section b:

    The corps in question is The Royal Engineers, I understand that the 2 weeks recruit training is "phase 1", but what is "employment qualification at Class 3"? Can I deploy as an Engineer without trade training, basically how long will it be before I can get sand on my boots?
  5. Class three is your first level of trade training. Without it you won't be of much use to your corps on deployment. Much Pan bashing.
  6. the real question wil be
    is when the elastic do go *twang* and we have an overstretch and nobody is able to do anymore and we are running short, what would be the next step?

    the american have already started to look up thier files of recently left soldiers to call back into service.
  7. msr

    msr LE


  8. it is possible, MSR,
    its already being considered in the US
  9. As mentioned previously you will be FFR or CEQ Class 3 on completion of your trade training.

    Don't think they'll be using TA for the next Telic as I don't think we have any OR's left to send?
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    msr LE

  11. Afraid they are Polar. My unit is posting for Telic 6 and I know TA punters already preparing to go out on '5'.

    Not quite the war games and cheap beers that some signed up for!!!!!!!
  12. Likewise,

    We deployed at least 3 recruits on Telic 4 who went from Chilwell to their Phase 2 course then into 4 week pre-training and deployment.

    We are apparently being given a 'bye' on Telic 5 as CO has told head shed we can't get the manpower but we have have been warned off for 6 already. What that means is those recruits I have starting now will (provided they have completed 2 week CIC course - Inf Phase 2 Trg) will be eligible and very probably mobilised and this time they might actually let me play. Passed over twice already :evil: are they trying to tell me something! 8O
  13. Is this effecting recruiting at all? Are any holding off their Phase 2 so they don't get called up?

    Suppose it won't be long before everyone in my troop has operational medals, that is all except the seniors and recruits.
  14. Does not seem to have had an effect on initial enquiries possibly improved things but the message about mobilisation is rammed home to them when they first come in the door and throughout Phase 1. We still expect to lose over 60% during their 8 weekends but again no chanmge there. Nobody has delayed Phase 2 that I am aware of but we try to apply a policy of ensuring they complete Phase 2 within 12 months of attestation or they have to go back to the start of Phase 1 again.

    We have also been in the same position of only having Seniors and recruits but now Telic 3 are back hopefully we will see a more realistic number on muster!?
  15. as in america they are already going down the list of ex service men and reservists

    in the UK i wonder how far down the list they wil be going in order to avoid conscription or declaring a National Emercency in order to enable conscription.

    so lets see :
    4)Ex_sevicemen with call up liability
    5)Cadet Training Team members
    6)then Adult ACF Officers (type B converted to A)
    after that
    anybody else then that would be conscription