Elf Zapper

Anyone who has played this game, VIRUS CHECK now, the reason I couldnt enter the game was my virus checker kept blocking it, It contains a virus in the Java programming called Exploit-ByteVerify, its a trojan.

McAfee detects its & describes it as - "This detection covers Java applets that attempt to exploit the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-011 vulnerability. This severity of this vulnerability is considered to be critical. It allows an attacker to execute malicious code, simply by visiting an infectious website. Detections of this exploit do not necessarily mean that any malicious code was executed. It simply means that a Java applet was found to contain the exploit code. Conversely malicious code may have been run, which could result in any number of modifications to the system.
All vulnerable systems should apply the patch from Microsoft. Patched systems are immune from the effects of the exploit code. However, detection will still occur on files attempting to make use of this exploit."

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