ELEVENTH HOUR - Online Video Campaign

Eleventh Hour is a motion graphics video & website that calls for the covenant to be fully honoured.

Online video sharing is a great way to a spread message.

Please download and share this video amongst your friends, family & colleagues.

If you have your own web space, or own a social network account, please embed and share with your contacts & friends.

Watch online now at: www.eleventh-hour.tv

or alternatively, on Youtube.


Please don't spam all the boards Gareth.

That said , this is nice work Gareth, some of your other work is very 'impactful' too.

Have you considered submitting this to C4 for broadcast in the "3 minute wonder" slot?
Sorry sir, that's me done now.
Thanks for your help, apologies for taking liberties!

Cheers, I was pleased with the finished piece. It was quite rushed all the same. Hopefully it'll gather some public interest through the online communities.

Yea '3 Minute Wonder', I'll do that actually, good thinking.

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