Elevation training mask to improve run time?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by yukikashima, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Has anybody used an elevation mask (looks like a respirator) to improve their run time and if so has it worked? I'm considering investing in one shortly.
  2. Running in a Gimp mask? I like your thinking!
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  3. Come ooooon! You know it's a good look!
  4. What happened to good old fashioned training to improve a run time?
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  5. Good question, nothing, except... A broken toe... Well my PB is 10:25 but i'm wanting to get back to that and ideally push it even further, within a short time frame.
  6. Fartleking had surely always been the cheap and easy way to improve your run time quickly without looking like twat?
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  7. How exactly is running in a gimp mask going to help your broken toe?
  8. How about fartlek training, looking like a twat, wearing this? (And adopting that pose when I finish?) polo_collar_unitard_men.jpg
  9. Mate don't listen to these no-marks.

    It's a sound investment just make sure you run in it during daylight hours and wearing your "TA, Be the Best" t-shirt.
  10. I think i'm in love..... In all seriousness though, the broken toe thing is what has held me back and want a rapid kick *********** to get better... I think you guys should admire my willingness to lose all my dignity in the name of phys
  11. FFS just run.... gimp kit is optional, unless your RLC or AGC of course =)

  12. Haha nah I'm nothing at present! in the midst of applying for RA! Hence the mad panic on run time
  13. Make sure you run in the dark or you will look like an utter c*nt... and possibly be arrested for suspected paedophilia
  14. Haha I was going to save it strictly for indoor running on my treadmill... And since when did paedophiles wear elevation masks?! What kinda messed up paedos do you know?!!!!
  15. Not a good question to ask on ARRSE. Fancy a Werther's Original? They're in that van with some puppies.
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