Elephant Foreskins



Some snippits of military history just have to be shared.....

Anyone here "from the right of the line" who could comment?

From Letters to the Editor page. Magnum. Jan 2006.

“Since Mr Woods used to travel to Rhodesia every year, I’m surprised
he didn’t notice the main use for elephant penis sheaths.

A pair were issued to new recruits of the British South Africa Police
as part of their uniforms. The sheaths had to be soaked in warm water
until soft and then pulled over the boot, to just below the knee. The
recruit then had to stand still in the blazing sun until they dried
hard and moulded to his legs.

They were then slit lengthwise inside
the leg and buckles attached. The recruit had to spend many hours
boning (sorry!) the leggings with a candle and the back of a teaspoon,
until they were as smooth as glass. Then came hours of rubbing Kiwi
polish in, in small circles, on a rag pulled over the end of a finger.
Spit was mixed with polish and so on, and then the leggings were
brushed until they shone like mirrors.

The lesser known use, of course, was in the manufacture of aviator
helmets. For this application, the sheaths had to be cut a little
higher up, to provide the bumps over the ears. Thought you would have
known this! “– G Lancaster, Gauteng.

Hmmnnn... yes, well.
Hmmm, I always thought it was prostitutes vagina's from Cairo! These would be cut out of the aforesaid females on their demise, stretched until they were about 6 feet in length and then sent to Palestine to become the Policeforce :lol: :lol: :lol:

Def not N. Rhodesia, we used hosetops, blue, and short puttees, Khaki!
Elephant foreskins?? Must be quite a big drawback.

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