Earlier today (06/01/05) a user created the account 'elene' and posted three posts on three different boards.

The post contained a link, the link will have taken you to a blank page. This page contained another 'invisible' page which harvests the IP and system details of those who visit. Nothing can come of this if you ensure your virus definitions are fully up-to-date and you have your firewall enabled.

The IP of the user will be obtained and reported to their Internet Service Provider.

- Moderating team.

I suspect that there was a clue in the highly amusing name our little japester chose:

A new computer virus is spreading rapidly by email, and the university is among millions of organisations which have been affected.

If you receive an email from someone called Elene, or a message which says "Here is my photo, that you asked for yesterday", someone who already has the virus is attempting to spread it to your computer.

DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Simply delete the message and your computer will be safe.
Whilst the University of Brighton is hardly a powerhouse of learning (says the man with no quals at all), it seems they have been visited by this delightful waste of time already. As usual, MC is dead on - as long as your virus definitions are up to date, no probs.


Any chance BB is behind all this...?
Fell for link.......all I got was press any key and enter...............have done complete scan 2 different AV programs and have 3 firewalls up. As I am a computer biff does this mean I am likely to be clean? :oops: 8O
Hey Letters,

I reckon that having 3 firewalls is a bit OTT - there is a danger that they will actually interfere with one another! Same with the AV stuff.

However, it is extremely unlikely that you have been affected - as long as you have updates one of your AV's virus definitions folder in the last 11 months or so!!! :D
PaddyRAC said:
Phew! Glad i've got a Mac!

Touch Wood!
This has been my experience but I suppose it won't be too long before some cnut writes one for use. I've got Virex installed on Mozilla but seems never had to use it.
I tested it in ie and firefox, didn't get any virus, and had to lower even ie's security to get the popup to happen. 250 ok's later.

Is Elene a bot, or what? The IP of the infected site is located at, which when hit links to eseconsult.biz, which contains said webhost:


Has there been any confirmed infections?
The Lord Flasheart said:
I see our fav friend has lost a bit of weight too. Still looking a bit 'jowely' though.
How's her voice sound, Flash? I assume you are still having the 5 hour daily phone conversations with her.
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