Elementary Application of Fire Scoring Circles sizes

I have been trying to work out why the scoring circles for Elementary Application of Fire are 1220mm and 760mm.

1.220mm is the width of the screen, but why is the 4 point score circle 760mm.

It the group standard size is 150mm SUSAT at 100m, therefore the group capacity at 300m should be 450mm, surely this should be the size of the circle.

Can anybody tell me why it is 760mm ?.


Whats a mm? Seriously you may be better asking this in the training wing, we are a bit crusty over here!
convert the mm sizes to feet & inches, you get 4ft and 2ft 6 inches (ok 2ft 6 inches would actually be 762mm but you get my drift) I reckon that means the scoring system is just a carryover from an old system using already existing targets, just metricated clumsilly. You find this all over the place if you convert seemingly random mm sizes (that you have remembered parrot fashion after some daft course) they turn out to represent normal multiples of ft & inches.

Of course there might be some other valid reason, but I know where my money is.

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