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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Dumb question

    I am just going to a Mac and having seen those useless shysters norton advertise a mac security package, I want to know what extra security a Mac needs and if so does Zone alarm and AVG do one?


  2. Plans are afoot to port AVG to Mac, but nothing as yet.

    Don't worry too much, from what the Mac community says, they're pretty invincible to viruses.
  3. The native firewall works but the interface is crap. The Symantec AV is good - Clam is okay-ish for free.

    Zonealarm doesn't come in either OSX flavour (PowerPC or Intel) and neither does AVG (it supports Linux but not FreeBSD so you probably can't tinker successfully either.)
  4. I will second that. Mac user for 3 years now and other than the odd pop-up that averages about two a year, I've not had any problems with viruses or spyware or any of the other carp out there that killed my previous two PC's. I don't run any anti virus stuff just use Mac's own security updates.
  5. I'll third that just remember that there are around 415,000 know windows virus' and only about 40 for a mac, in case you are concerned create an admin account then don't allow your user account to administer the computer.

    the only way to get a virus on your Mac is to install it, which then means you will have to type in the administrators username and password.
  6. That's only because so few people use them that the Wicked People cannot be arrsed to write virus for them. There are some very good virus for Mac if you want to have stressful time re-engineering them.
    Having said that, I'd rather run a Mac than anything with M/S Vista on it
  7. IMHO that is the single best piece of security advice out there, but you never hear it. Perhaps because it costs nothing?