elemans embrocation and wintergreen and olive oil.

:strong: Hi, I'm an old and bold fish head from next door. :geek: I've hoped over the fence because you old and bold should have been a little more physically active than us. :? Right,I was a better than average boxer, and distance runner, x country and road[ London to Brighton} I recall changing rooms way back when this were all fields that should have carried a health hazard warning :? ;- reeking with the stench of elemans embrocation& wintergreen. Back then we thought that this was a magic potion that would protect us from all sports injuries. :roll: B ring back any memories? Was it any good, did it work, or was it like those old railway "Anemic girls need Virol"ads? :? Would we have been better off rubbing it on the training room bench? :roll:

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