Electronics Warfare Operator VS RAF 90 Signals Unit

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jammy137, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Morning all!

    I'm having a bit of a crisis of which forces to join (I know some of you may be slightly more biased against the RAF :))

    However, I'm trying to work out which role I want to go into - I'm working towards the Army's higher fitness standards at the moment and I'm currently an IT Engineer so I have plenty of Tech experience).

    Basically what it comes down to is a bit more info on the EW Sys Op day-to-day life is like and what tends to happen when an Ew Sys Op gets deployed - am I likely to get attached to another regiment and do patrols or something with them? (This isn't a problem, just wanting a heads up).

    I have done a search through the site, but have been unable to find anything quite the same as what I'm after, hence me posting!

    Hope some of you can help me out with this, feel free to ask for anymore info if it would help with the advice you may be able to give!

    Thanks! (hope this isn't too much in one go)
  2. Oh no you haven't. Poor show, try again this time with feeling!
  3. FFS join the RAF. They actually make an attempt to look after you. Also you chances of avoiding Brawdy are greater.
  4. What's wrong with Brawdy? Apart from it being in the arse-end of nowhere (although, I do have family near there! haha)
  5. Send a PM to Alpha_Kenny_Thing

    As an EWS with the army you will be out and about on operations if you get to Afghan. I'm not sure how it would work with the RAF, though, but I imagine there would be a less of a chance of you doing so.
  6. That's sort of what's swaying me a little bit, the chance of getting out and about in the Army Vs the chance of more technical skills for use in Civvy life and I've been told by members of RAF, RN and Army that the RAF look after you better.

    It's so complicated, and is 'Alpha_Kenny_Thing' an Ew Sys Op then?
  7. He is - I haven't spoke to him in a wee bit but the PM should trigger an email for him. He's not long in as EWS, a little while out of phase 2 if he isn't already on ops. From what he told me, it demands the most switched on folks from the signals intake (though he may be bamming himself up a bit) and can be quite challenging on a technical level.
  8. And when were you last there? Knobchops
  9. It's the arse end of nowhere.
  10. That's not TOO much of an issue as I know a few females in the area and have some family within 30 mins drive of there
  11. Come 2014 'Operations' for the vast majority will be conducted from behind a desk again. There will be no out and about. Might as well spend that time in the RAF.
  12. Sssh! You'll start a riot...
    Anyway, weren't EWOPs those funny little furry things in Star Wars?
  13. This was another concern I had, the non-operational stuff in the RAF does seem to be possibly a bit more interesting
  14. There might be an issue with the rest of the camp 'knowing' the same females.
  15. The whole job is operational. Operations isn't just sitting in a sandpit or air conditioned hotel room in the RAF's case.