Electronics Technician


I'm interested in becoming an electronics technician. I've read the Army jobs website description, but it is very limited on what the actual role entails, what job roles are available, etc. I've tried searching ARRSE, but theres no real info on the below, so hoping one of you kind fellows could help out.

Can someone in the know explain what I will be doing day to day?
Is the role competitive i.e. a lot of people going for it?
Are the intakes regular or rare (few and far between)?

I enjoy working with my hands and also have an interest in electronics, physics and maths, so I think this is the ideal role for me.

Can you also let me know if this is a good trade to have when you come out?

Do you need SC for this role and if so, can I transfer my civilian SC (I work on government contracts)?
I've looked at the Royal Signals but couldn't find any trades that would let me delve in to the actual technology. I'm looking for a highly technical and practical trade that requires lifelong learning which is why I'm attracted to Electronics Technician.
Royal Signals used to have that. Things may be different now, I don't know.

I was an electronics technician in both REME and RS. RS allowed more "improvisation" than REME. "Improvisation" required more in-depth knowledge than following a manual.

That was then, I do not know how things work now.

The Senior Personnel Selection Officer (SPSO) will be able to answer your question, give him a call or contact him via his email - visit the REME web for details (hopefullly). Come back if you have difficulities.

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