Electronics Technician

I am looking to re join the Army, and one of the trades i'm giving consideration to is Electronics Technician. Has anyone any experience in this trade? I am just looking for a general heads up further to what the recruitment literature can give, pros and cons etc.

Thanks in advance.
I was in the Infantry. My GCSEs and BARB results are good enough to re join as an Electronics Tehcnician, though I am slightly worried that I haven't done any Maths more complicated than calculating the cost of a round since I was 16.
Stuck in a classroom for almost 2 years? A level maths within 12 weeks?

Search the site for some more comments; the trade has taken its fair share of flak!

If you can hack it, you will have a good trade for life - but the failure rate is high!

I got an A in GCSE Maths, so I know that I have or had the ability, though I can't help but think this is something I should have done when I was 16. I was also considering Aircraft Technician as my Dad was 30 years in the RAF and i've always had an interest in Aircraft.


There are many trades within the REME, and every tradesman will tell you his trade is the best. Make your own decisions as to what you want to do, one word of advice though, shop around before commiting yourself and decide what is best for you. As REME you will probably get hit with a lot of op tours, but then again, who in the army doesn't these days!

Good luck, whatever you decide.

Go for it fella. There are plenty of older students here at SEAE. I have just had a lad pass out who was 31 so age is no issue.
If you are smart enough then you will have no worries as the more mature guys realise that this is a career choice and treat their studies accordingly. Some of the younger guys think its an extension of school or college. Your previous mil background will treat you in good stead, you will find Arborfield a lot more laid back than depot.
In essence, what are you waiting for?
If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.
Your previous experience will hold you in good stead. Be prepared to graft like a b@stard when you hit maths pool. Once you get in the swing of it you shouldn't have any dramas.
After that, keep your nose in your books during the week and sink as many pints as possible during the weekend.
It's a long, long process but if you stick with it you should pop out the other end with a good trade
Harass your boss at your 2nd unit for your class 1. A few of my baby techs seem to expect things to be done for them constantly so a bit of initiative is always welcome.
Lastly, expect grief from the black-hand gang. You can counter this by being as good at your job as possible and telling them to p1ss off frequently. All in good nature though eh lads? :roll:
Thanks for all the positive comments lads, like I say my major worry is not having done any Maths for a long time, but i'm sure if I keep my head down i'll be ok.

What are the posting opportunities like?
You can't move for Techs in my current place, we're about 10 over strength FFS.
Generally speaking, you'll be at 2nd line a lot of the time but it's what you make of it. Mong it and you'll join the ranks of the permanently miserable but get out and about and it's allright.
1st line is generally the way ahead though. Certainly Inf and Cav units. Arty is...weird.
If you go for electronic technician then at the end of basic electronics if your marks are good enough, then you can go avionics, otherwise you are streamed straight to electronics.

Do not worry about not being able to remember maths, if you have the apptitude (which gcse a grade implies) then you should easily pass. The instruction starts at very basic then rapidly progresses. The same with the electronics.

That's reassuring, i've just been looking through my old school text books and it wasn't as daunting as I anticipated. I can still see it giving me a lot of headaches though!
I think my name tells you what trade I am... go for it mate, good trades all of them. A lot of work at the start: I dropped physics at 14 left school at 16 then joined at 28... I managed to pass everything ok. All the hard work pays off in the end as you should be able to turn your hand to pretty much anything.
Dave_bly said:
Thanks for all the positive comments lads, like I say my major worry is not having done any Maths for a long time, but i'm sure if I keep my head down i'll be ok.
If you fail Tech maths, don't worry.....you still have your fingers and toes, so VM maths will be a piece of pish!!!!
Remember R=V over I except after C lol
25 years in aircraft electrics (avionics) both mil and civvy, and have used maths enough times to count on one hand. Don't worry about it

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