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Electronics technician


After being fixed on joining the RAC I have had a change in heart as I feel I would be better suited getting a trade. I was wondering about electronics technician as I like the idea of working with all the ssystems in the armoured vehicles the army has. I know there's information on the army website ect but what I want to know is what do people in the reme feel the down sides of the job are? Are you always working with the systems on board challenger and the other armour or will I be working on other jobs as well. Can you do your commando course ect as I know the RM have Vikings and other armoured vehicles. Can it be boring?

Another role I'm intrested in is armourer. From your personal opinions which role is the 'better'? I thought the best place to look was here with people who know what there talking about.

Thank you.
You are def Armourer material. Enter a room and bury your head in the sand.

Perhaps looking at the monstrously large tech sticky in the Forum may help?
You are def Armourer material. Enter a room and bury your head in the sand.

Perhaps looking at the monstrously large tech sticky in the Forum may help?
There was no mention of respirator porn or Warhammer so how did you work out his suitability :)

Edited to add you can do ALL Arms P Coy and Commando courses from any job in the Army (prefably a few years after you complete phase 2 so it doesnt affect trade) and attempt to get posted to those Brigades.
Depends what your BARB test results were at the end of the day.. If you're as thick as mince then RAC is the way ahead, if more intelligent than a ham sandwich then REME might be the way ahead! Elec Tech is a long bone course with good quals, but at the end of the day when working on Chally all you need to do is work from a flow chart i.e 'does the big black box do this - no! - go to following box etc. Armourers wear dust coats, get dirty every now and again if something goes tits up, but that very rare, so they tend to sit in their holes playing dungeons and dragons with the techs!! Air tech isnt bad, they seem to be busy these days, not sure on the work and all that, but no apaches have crashed yet so that is a good sign and they get good quals also.. Just have to wwear the stupid blue berets and look like tits! VM is good if at a first line unit, but if at Bn, then they tend to send everything to civvy contractors and the lads sort of miss out on the experience which would do them well for later experience. (i was working with lads from a Bn last year and their knowledge was dogshit compared to the lads i worked with from 1st line units. not their fault, but goes to show Bn's are **** for new lads. Then there is tech storeman, not sure where the tech comes into it as it is only a six week course to learn their 'trade'... I have done courses out of trade just as long just to give me quals i dont even ******* want, but there you go. If you want to drink brews and wear a dust coat lke the armourers and issue batteries then go for that! Hope this helps! lol

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