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Electronics Technician REME???


I recently changed my job choice going into the Army from an Electrician in RE to Electronics Technician in REME.

I have done Electrical Engineers qualifications in college and after speaking to a few people I understand doing Electrician in RE I would gain very limited experience in this job role as it would be mainly commercial and domestic work.

I have decided that because I enjoy PLC work and working with frequency’s I was wondering with the work do as an Electronics Tech in REME. Could I work offshore abroad as an Electrical Engineering/Electronics Technician after I’ve been in the Army?
It's hard to know where to begin with the question "Could I work offshore abroad as an Electrical Engineering/Electronics Technician after I’ve been in the Army?" I suppose that will depend on a number of factors and I imagine will vary from country to country.

Perhaps the way to think about this question is to first ask yourself how employable would you be in the UK? That answer should be based not just on actual technical skills, but as with any good job just how good you look on your CV (that just to get you the interview), career/job/professional achievements, quals/certifications, professional body memberships, how well you can manage interviews, what impression you make as a person and of course your background. Not casting aspersions but (just for the record) having no criminal record has to be better than actually having one.
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I used to have a mate, just the one, who did an ONC in electronic engineering whilst working in a TV repair and antennae shop. He was not in the army, this is just to give you an idea of possibilities.

After a few years he got bored and decided to apply as an electrical officer on a freight ship. He was taken on as a 2nd Electrical Officer, got his seamans card, or whatever it is they get and spent time sailing around Africa and South America. He was more or less working 4 months on and 4 months off getting paid all the time - he was also promoted to 1st Electrical Officer and made more money.

He bought a house and rented the rooms out to a bunch of people from our group of friends.

After a couple of years of that and seeing the world he got a job doing the electrics and electronics on board oil rigs that were being built by a major oil company up in Norway. He used to work 10 days, getting paid a fortune, and then have 5 days off with all expenses paid for flights, hotels and all travel.

He bought a second house, same deal as the first.

When they finished the oil rig he was going to be on board tweaking bits and pieces so he had to attend a sea survival course in Aberdeen. Whilst he was there he was invited to look around the new computer centre being built by the oil company and had lunch with some of the senior management. As was his way, when he saw a shit heap he used to tell people it was a shit heap, he had not been impressed with what he saw of the new computer centre so he told them it was a shit heap and why it was a shit heap. A week later they offered him the job of bringing the computer centre online and running the place - this was 30 years ago and he was offered a six figure salary.

He ended up in Aberdeen on big money, his girlfriend with the pretty mouth and big tits became his wife, and he swapped his TR6 for a Porsche 911.

So, yeah, electronics can take you places if you are willing to go there, just don't aim to be a technician, aim to be the manager, or at least the senior technician.