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Discussion in 'REME' started by S_D1, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Is anyone an electronics technician? or been one? Well I've chosen that as a career path to go down. I've read around here that aircraft/avionics tech's don't get a lot of postings outside the UK anymore. So as an electronics tech is there any chance of getting postings outside of the UK eventually? And when at Arborfield if I fail important tests (hopefully I won't 8O ) what will happen if they don't want to take me as an electronics tech? Thanks lads :D
  2. 2 Brigades worth of 1st line posts and 2 REME Bn's are available in Germany still (the third moving back to the UK sometime TBC).
    Brunei/Cyprus/Canada still available for Class 1/good Class 2's.
    If you fail a test then there is scope to resit but it's not a good idea since the course workload doesn't stop and therefore you're effectively studying for two exams at the same time.
    If you fail then you get to be a VM. Enjoy. Ahem.
  3. S_D1, I've never met a Elec Tech who's regretted being a Tech. They are still a lot of posting for Elec Techs outside of the UK, but these are fast becoming confined to REME Battalions - not everones cup-of-tea. I fully agree with what Cable_Ties said, don't fail exams at Arborfield: It takes away time studying for other exams, (and more importantly - drinking time!) The course workload is heavy enough without having to play catchup whilst trying to study for two exams - I know!
  4. Thanks for the info Cable_Ties & insttech....Im not too interested in being a VM so I hope I stick in and in the end it should be worth it. Thats good that there is decent postings (My dad was an avionics tech and was posted to Germany, Brunei and Hong Kong back in the 80's) Whats bad about REME Battallions?
    Sure wont fall behind if it means less drinking time :twisted:
  5. REME in a great lump=confusion and chaos. Also, you're 10xmore likely to be sweeping the hangar than working on kit. That's not to say the blokes aren't good but lack of job satisfaction these days is the no.1 reason (with my lads) that they are getting out of the Army.
  6. If you fail S_D you could always take up knitting & go Tels 8O
  7. Dont bother it is crap, and so is all the army
  8. Vic rab......chip on your shoulder?

    How do YOU know, that the Army won't be the best thing since sliced bread for this chap?
  9. Tels (God's Trade) is unfortunately defunct - however, Armd Sys Tech is the best way forward depending on the Corps requirement since they have the broadest range of posts. Don't go Guided Weapons - they are the old Radar Techs and therefore smell of fox's p**s. And glow in the dark.
  10. Sorry for bein a slow arrse but how would you go about becoming an armd system tech? Is that Royal Signals?
  11. Armd, Arty or GW techs are decided via postings, e.g. if going to, say, 40 Regt RA to work on AS90 and whatnot, your CEG will be Arty Systems. Basically its a slight change in the course, thats all.

    For armoured systems: put down 1st line Inf or Cav.

    For artillery systems: choose either AS90, Light Gun or MLRS postings.

    and for those unfortunate people who are guided weapons: put down a Rapier unit etc.

    And batallions are a nightmare, too much REME in one place = bad!

    If you're switched on at maths, then you shouldn't have too much trouble passing the BE course, as long as you can grasp electrical and electronic principles as well (or cheat) and there is a lot of time for drinking! (shame the footie club has gone downhill, rugby club still good though!) Reading is quality on the p1ss, so make sure you don't fail any exams!

    Hope this helps!
  12. NEVER EVER confuse the Scaley's repair trades with the REME's!!!!!!!!!

    They ARE FCUKING DOGSH*T!!!!!!!

    Anyone care to question the above then bring it on. I have never met such a complete and utter waste of fcuking time in my entire life.


    In South Georgia, a Stripey R Sigs Tech asked me how to inspect 353's with only a Thorn PSU, Freq Counter, RF Wattmeter, Stand-alone Sig Generator and a pressel unit. Promptly told the c**t he failed his PRE.
  13. Don't get me started on scaleys! Bunch of cnuts, but thats by the by. They havent got a clue about fixing radios....
  14. i agree, how will he test it with only those pieces of equipment. How will he test correct levels of deviation and pilot tone, The sqeulch levels, rx(unless sig generator does rf too), among other things. Suppose you could tell if the fans were working if you stuck it in an oven and tx'd.!
  15. Nah, the scaleys arent that bad man, worked with them in NI and tbh theyre prob a bit more professional than we are. A lot weirder tho, urrgh. In fact aye, I concur.