Electronics Idea, any help

For my A level coursework I have been told, basicly, to make something that has at least 5 subsistems. It can be anything from a light switch to a Computer, but the catch is I'v only got 12 weeks (48 hours) to do it all in.

The problem is I can't think of anything to do it on, aparantly a radio is to easy and a tv is to hard, any sugestions?
Yep. Go down to your nearest Maplins and buy a project book. There will be loads of stuff in there that you can build, it's all laid out in circuit diagram form and assembly is described concisely and accurately.

Best of all you will be able to buy all the bits from the component store while you are there.

Projects range from the very easy to the quite difficult.

Good Luck!

I assume you know eactly which examination you are doing, as in name of exam board, title and syllabus code etc of the subject. If you do, then go to the exam board website and look up the syllabus details. There will be loads of additional stuff you can view/download. What you need is the support materials for teachers, as that will give exemplar materials for all parts of the course. You will also find details of the assessment - once you know what they are willing to give marks for, then you know what to ensure you give them in your work. There is likely to be a list of project ideas as well.

Why not try talking to your teacher? Contrary to popular opinion they are human, or were once at least. Most will help to get you started. If your is one of the useless ones, talk to another teacher in the same department. You can also try talking to Year 13 students who just 12 months ago were in exactly the same position that you are in now.

The Maplin book idea is a good start - but don't whatever you do copy something from a book like that. Your teachers and the examiners are just about certain to know the book - beware of plagiarism!

Best of luck to you!

Oops, didn't realise plagarism would be a problem - I though it was all about building stuff. :oops: - bin a long time since I did A levels...

Roadster's idea is cool. A superhet set would be fun to make.

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