Electronic warfare training phases

hey guys passed adsc few months back got my date for march next year

something i am not sure about which doesnt seem to be worth ringing the afco for is inbetwen phases do you have any time off or is it as soon as phase one is over your off to phase 2 from the base.

the wait til march is a bit anoyying but oh well.

Kind regards D
july when i passed adsc>< hell of a wait but not long left though.

im trying to convince our lass that will be able to see her at least a few times

she heard from a cousins sons aunties pet baboons therapist that some people get time off after training i dont believe it thats why i thought id ask not really worth bugging my afco just for a daft question like that
Ok thanks for that
the reason I asked was I passed adsc on July 23 and am still waiting for a start date for this position :(
did you get yours straight away and did you pass before or after me as even tho I've been patient no one can find any info for me from my afco ..
Your reply or anyone else who can enlighten me about this would be greatly appreciated
strange , there was an intake in august which was full which i was on reserve for and the next one is next year and it seems a lot of jobs are the same apart from infantry .

What ive heard is that ew warfare job takes a long time to replace as there isnt many of them so even without the big intake of people due to the credit crunch it would take a little longer then normal anyway

ofc i stand to be corrected.

But you should get in contact with your afco there is probably some reason you havent got your date yet.
i have spoken to my afco a number of times and they cant get any information either and are totally in the dark.
Did you get your date as soon as you passed adsc and what dat in july were you there if you dont mind me asking.. If you dont wish to say on a public forum i understand but a pm would be a great help if you will let me know.
to be an ew you have to do the csop course first.

between phase one and the csop course youll have between a week and 3 weeks off. you also have a weeks course leave on the csop course every 6 weeks. the waiting time after the csop course to get on to the ew course in now 10 weeks where you can apply for leave or do taskings. but it has been known to have to wait 9 months to get on the ew course. this is cus chicksands is being referbished and course intake numbers have been halved from 12 to 6
makes sense

9 months tho :O thats a shocker hopefully the refurb will be done before i finish phase 2 mabye thats wishful thinking i dunno

ty for the reply

stu if the afco dont know any different then not much you can do but sit tight , i dont fancy being the one you point at and yell why has he got his date and not me.

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