Electronic Warfare Systems Operator

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Beatle, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone could give me a bit of advice on this, been offered to do this and just wanted a bit of info on it etc.

    What's it like, or am I better off sticking with going what I was going for initially with CS Op?
  2. Some information for you here.
  3. Trust me.... You're better off with what you're doing now than any of them.
  4. Trust me.... You're better off with what you're doing now than any of them.[/quote]

    I would not completely agree. There are definite benefits for the EWSO over the CS job.

    Admitedly, postings are more restricted for the EWSO but the scope to diversify in trade is possibly better. (In my opinion).

    Short term career - CS Op

    Longer term career - EWSOp
  5. You not been a Spec Op long then?

    OK - there are a couple of nice little numbers in various enclaves of the world, but better scope to diversify and a longer-term career? I have quite a few Spec Op (OK - EWS Op) and Supvr (R) pals and they are forever lamenting the lack of diversity in the trade. Granted, Telic and Herrick have been good at getting bods out in an ECM role, but before that it was dire. Just my opinion though! :plotting:
  6. I agree with Cardinal. More diversity for the CS Op.

    I served with the others for two and a half tours, top guys but very restricted - due to there not being that many.

    Hopefully Howay_the_lads will come here soon and give you his opinion (as he's been both trades - alright and earlier version of both, cos he's no spring chicken - yeah I know mate, what does that make me? :smile: )
  7. Will I do, I'm even older and I've got an even fuller set of trades :) ?

    The deal is this: Spec Op/EW Sys Op has some seriously good jobs, which range from indoors, tear-your-hair-out claustrophobic to really quite nails front-line stuff. However - it's a small specialty, very competitive, with a very narrow range of postings and if you don't like it - and, to be honest, if it doesn't like you - it can be stifling.

    You also need to be comfortable with carrying quite a high vetting load routinely and all that implies, plus not having a fall-back should, God forbid, your vetting go Pete Tong.
  8. My name being taken in vain again?

    The only thing that I can add to the argument is that Spec Ops, right though to Supvr R and Tfc Offr do tend to get 'stove piped' into a specialist employment area. That is after all the very nature of the trade. However it is my understanding that under the new EW Sys OP trade, the intial trade training will be generic to all RSIGS trades, followed by employment anywhere in the Corps as an 'abnitio' tradesman. However he/she can then choose to 'specialise'. This is the interesting bit, (again correct me if I am wrong) the operator can go back to mainstream employment as their career progresses. Again at Supervisory level, there will be a generic promotion course with 'bolt on modules' pertinent to comms/techy/EW/SIGINT future employment.

    You could find yourself anywhere from places like Musa Qala, to JSSU Digby. There are good and bad jobs out there, but without being condescending or using chestnuts, future employment is getting more and more rewarding.

    Hope this helps. PM me if I am talking Sh'ite.

    Edited to add: Addtionally it is worth remembering that whilst other trades in the RSIGNALS can be very rewarding, they are support or facilitation jobs supporting units/formations. EW SYS OP / SPEC OP are slightly different in terms of the function. It is a 'real time' job on Ops. Please before the slanging match starts, I don't mean to de-value the rest of the other trades. I think it is a fair point worth mentioning.