Electronic warfare system operator

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by daimo1982, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi wondering if any one can give me info on the above role, I know there's loads on the army website but would like to hear about the views of folk doing the job. What are the pros and cons of the role and what would I actually be doing? What does phase 2 involve and after where would I be posted? would I be going to Afghanistan? Any info would be great cheers guys
  2. Given up on the Int Corps already? Either way, learn how to do a search and all (OpSec-allowable) answers are there. In whatever job you choose, or are chosen for, in the Army you can expect to be in the 'Stan within 12-18 months of finishing phase 2. Have a look around the fora for the info you require, in the meantime standby for incoming!!!!!!
  3. iam looking at joining the EW side of life as the normal CSO trade bores me now to death. Anyone now wot the 5 weeks apptitude test is about or what is involved in it ?
  4. Spelling. And typing.
  5. i asked my recuiter the same question he said
    "its kinda sneaky peeky coz part of it you have to do at chicksands"

    me: "err okkk, so how about the other part when not in chicksands?"
    RO: "hmm, wait a sec (5mins later: overhears RO talking on the phone)
    "the problem is there is no hard copy of the infomation i can give him"
    RO: "-my name-, im going to blandford next week to do bla bla bla,
    ill find out much as i can for you when i see you next"

    -when i find out ill post stuff on here-
  6. I found this on another part of the forums:

    Re: Already serving as an Electronic Warfare Sys Op?
    Hi I am currently serving as an EW Sys Op, and i disagree with the statement that we are having an identity crisis, we serve as both EW operators EOD operators and to a degree SI operators/Analysis it depends on were you are posted to as to which area you will work.

    in answer to your question about the 5 week filter course, you will be tested on maths, basic electronics, communications principles and you will have an EW week which you will have to wait till you get there to find out about, as to what work we do apart from what has already been said you will have to wait till you get the relavant clearences before you will find out any more.
  7. turns out... no one is meant to know.

    so during the 5 week aplitude test everyone gets a fair start to it.

    (sorry it took long to reply...