Electronic Warfare System Operator Vs Aircraft Tech

Hi guys I'n new to Arrse

Currently my application is in its infancy, I have some time yet to make a final decision, however I am more swayed to this role, within the Royal Signals, as it sounds more interesting.

I just wanted to ask a few questions about the trade that the army website or the recruiting office doesn't make transparent. It would be good to get a response from someone who currently does this role

1. Postings. Where, When ~ Do you get a say in any of them? Whats The Likely hood of Afghanistan

2. Promotion. Prospects. Is it true Lance Corpral is achieveable after Phase Two. What are the prospects beyond that.

3. Employment Prospects Outside The Army? What need is there for an electronic warfare operator in civvy street ~ what jobs are available with such skills/ qualifications?

I have tried scanning around the forums for answers to these questions and nobody seems to have asked them already.

Many Thanks In advance

Kind Regards

What a disappointment. I read the thread title and expected to see a video of two naked chaps wearing nothing except their respective Corps beret and stable belt bashing the crap out of each other with roll mats. But seeing as you asked nicely:

1. Highly likely that your first posting would be to 14 Sigs in Pembrokeshire, where you will definitely get at least one tour of Afghanistan (unless you're either legitimately on the biff, or just a wage thief that can't pass fitness tests). Other postings are covered on other related threads, use the "Search" function at the top of the page or check "Similar Threads" at the bottom. You do get to fill in a Posting Preference Proforma to choose where you want to go, but this is not a guarantee of posting, and generally you'll go where the Army needs you.

2. Yes, providing you pass a the Potential NCOs course at Blandford upon completion of your trade training. The few that fail this course tend to be the aforementioned wage thieves.

3. No idea, instead of trying to guess, I'll let someone who knows give you a proper answer...
What I want to know is, which is best? an EW Sys Op or an Aircraft Tech? mmm, an EW Sys op or an Aircraft Tech? There's only one way to decide............


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