Electronic Warfare Operator

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MervoRed, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Im 17, and will leave college in the summer. I want to apply for this job now but it would be nice for someone to give me a detailed description of what the job consists of. Also, I got 3 B's and 7 C's at school but I only got a C in maths, will i pass tests given to me or more than likely fail?
    I have been on the army website many times so please no suggestions towards that idea.
    Any help would be really appreciated as you may have noticed im slightly worried about the maths tests.
  2. Maybe some sort of careers office could help?
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  3. Alright mate? What's your name?
  4. The careers office is the reason i want to do this job. I was originally wanting join the royal artillery as an AS90 gunner but the guy at the desk basically explained that with what I have, i should be doing something else. So he handed me three books; Royal Signals, REME and the Royal Engineers. He told me I should think of joining one of these three corps instead and use my GCSE's.
    After a week of looking at the books and browsing other sources of information I chose EWO.
    My point is, should the fact that he recommended one of these jobs to me encourage me to apply for it or do i need to ask more questions? & how smart do i need to be to pass tests etc.
  5. Let me stop you there. Do what you think you'll enjoy. Not what some fat **** in an ACIO thinks you should do.

    Half of a fun career is enjoying what you do.
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  6. I know what you mean but after reading about it, I like the way it sounds so, this is it now.
  7. You won't get a detailed description of what an Electronic Warfare Operator does on here. Simply because what they do is not for shouting about on the internet (or anywhere else).

    I did it for 12 years and loved it. Its challenging and varied with some great opportunities. Use your noggin to read the information provided by the careers office and then read between the lines and apply it to the information thats out in the open to get a wide view of what goes on in that part of the Army's role.

    Also to add. Don't use your real name - if thats what your doing. Not great for your personal security or discretion.
  8. How do i change my profile name?
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  9. trying to troll me?
  10. Are you trying to bore me with retarded questions?

    You've succeeded.
  11. I think the word you're looking for is "groom".
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