Electronic Warefare Opertor - what to expect?

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself....I'm taking my BARB Tests etc next month to join the army and train to be a EWO, I'm hopeful that i will get in and have a long career in the army but i have a few questions about the role so all reply's welcome.

I'm mainly trying to find out what are the usual postings i would expect to be given in this role? I would assume Afgan is a certainty? and then the usual Berlise, Canada and Germany as other posting that you get??

My other question is how easily is it to apply for courses and progress within the job? I have a thirst for Knowledge and new things and i would be looking to eventually move through the ranks.

I heard about a dyslexic chimp who bought a warehouse whilst searching for klingons...... Oh I know.... time to go down the Pub for a few before beddy byes time...
Sorry typo error with a massive lack of sleep after a 16 hour day, it should read 'Electronic Warfare Operator'. Sorry again, any answers to my questions? Thanks in advance.
Try using the search function and you will find all your questions answered - one of the main skills you will need is the ability to sift through lots of useless gibberish to find the important information - look upon it as trade training. You won't go to Belize, Canada or Germany unless you get to pop over on exercise, think more England, Wales and possibly Cyprus and you're more on the right lines.
Just to help your 'thirst for knowledge', it's Electronic Warfare Systems Operator, not EWO, or EWOp.
I think you also need to look up where the British Army serves, as well. If you're expecting Berlise (sic) or Canada as "the usual" then you've been talking to the wrong people. Spec Ops (as they were) pulled out of Germany some time ago so that's one to cross off your tick list as well. Have a look at the 14 Signal Regiment website and say hello to your new home (with the odd move to Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire thrown in).

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