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Discussion in 'REME' started by just_andy, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. hey i start my basic training in december, just wondering what 2 expect in phase 2 training. also wondering just how dislike are techs cos i no they get hammered on this site lol. can any1 also tell me what the chances of bein able 2 get sent 2 a combat zone is cos i would like 2 b able 2 say i did my bit 4 the army
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    How did you qualify for technician with that standard of spelling? No wonder so much dross is hitting the field force nowadays.

    If you CAN actually use the multi-button human interface in front of you, for christs sake drop the chav-speak. It doesn't go down well around here.
  3. yeah sory about spelling, i am not realy chavy, i just got into a bad habet of typing quick and short witch makes it come across that way, i ******* hate chavs, been in too many fights with the bastards
  4. You could have made up for it by sorting it out in your second post.
  5. I've got a very bad habit of typing quick but I've had to learn how to do it without mistakes. I suggest you do so too otherwise you will be labelled as a chav due to your dreadful spelling.
  6. ok i apologise for further mistakes but any help on the initial questions would be greatly apreciated
  7. you will make a great tech
  8. Can you type the initial request again? My eyes hurt trying to read it.

    I am not sure what it says.
  9. sure. i was wondering what to expect for phase two training as a electronic technitian. also i was wondering how mutch the technitions are disliked by the rest of reme because i am one of those people that likes to get on with most people and try not to be an ass hole as mutch as possable lol. also what is the chance of being sent to a warzone because i would like to say i did by bit in the army
  10. Still struggling with the spelling lad, buy a dictionary or an education or both.

    Reference if techs are disliked, as an ece:

    Get yourself in a fitter section at 1st line.
    Keep your mouth shut for a while and gain some credibility
    Fix some broken stuff, have some fun, drink a little beer
    Become a team player and give the Black Hand Gang a help.
    Get some form of AFV quals and bring something else to the party.

    Or just turn up and think the world owes you a living and spoil the reputation of some fine technicians out there.
  11. Learn to spell Technician and use upper case occasionally . And I was a thick VMb
  12. Ok thank you for your help, i feal better at my english already lol. spelling has never been my strong point but i try my best. Yeah i hear there are alot of good people in REME so i hope to make many good freinds. For the second part of my question, what is the chance that i will at some point get the chance to go to a war zone. I am going to be a technitian but would still like to do my bit
  13. By the time you have sorted your spelling out the war will be over.
  14. Your probably right lol
  15. What's wrong with being a VM (B) ?