Electronic Tagging Of Delinquent Dads Proposed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has proposed electronic tagging of parents who are delinquent in payment on support decrees.

    "Britain To Put Tags On Delinquent Dads" 26 December 2005

    This is certainly a fine start. However, they should use subcutaneous microprocessors instead of an external tag.

    Also, they should thus tag everyone, not just "deadbeat dads."

    I've read elsewhere that all automobile travel in the UK is to be logged electronically through collection of license plate images captured by CCTV cameras. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/12/23/nspycam123.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/12/23/ixnewstop.html
    Universal body tagging could help plug the gap that would be left by pedestrian traffic.
  2. Absolutely disgraceful-I play the game with my offspring: I love them. I pay a small fortune every month because of a screw up by the CSA, leaving me with little spare cash. Each time I speak to them I get a different response/solution/promise. Meantime, my wife can stop contact as she pleases, and refuses to let the kids phone me or use an email account to speak to me.
  3. NM, you should count your blessings. If the CSA left you with more money you'd spend it on drink, bubble gum and womens underwear. So you see you should be grateful for small mercies. Hope you had a good Christmas.


    PS can I join the RMP as PQO at 40?

    Effy20 (not your ex wife BTW)
  4. In the same boat mate .. why not have a look on ..




    Opened my eyes !! .. I pay for my kids but have no rights to them .. how can that be fair ?? .. my ex lives with a guy who put me in hospital (took five of his mates as well though!!) and I obviously have concerns about him being round my kids. When I spoke to Social Services about this I was told I had no right to be concerened !! .. what would they say if it was my Girlfriend who beat up my ex ??

    And I loathe that term "Deadbeat dads" .. a lot of Men walk away because the system gives them no rights to fight with !! .. notice there isnt a term of desription for the kind of mother that watches her kids dad being beaten to a pulp and does nothing to help and then denies access and contact to him, his friends and relatives.
  5. Northsea-more blokes, dark alley, victory!! Oh, if only. Drunk at mo (a christmas thing, not normal course of events-don't listen to Efragee!) Will look at links when can focus, but methinks this issue needs addressing. If my kids visited after boarding school muchos dollars, sepaerated-forget it! I struggle to see my kids once a year, LOA would make it more possible.
    Complicated, but deadbeat Dads are those who won't pay or stay on the dole cos it leads to more free cash-not people like you or I who pay for CSA success stories
  6. First link doesn't work-anything to help? Feel strongly enough to make an issue with this. Feel separated Dads get a raw deal in the forces and this needs to be addressed. Anyone out there feel the same? If so will attempt to do something with this!