Electronic Remembrance


War Hero
Don't know if this is the right forum

I've noticed that a few people are starting to display poppies on their Avatars etc. Now I am no whizzkid on the computer, but I imagine there are a few out there. Is there scope for the RBL to benefit from this kind of activity? I'm not decrying people using the poppy - I think it's great. What I think would be a good idea is a mechanism whereby people can give electronically and get a poppy displayed with their posts on the Arrse forum. I would be willing to help with any admin. MODS please shift this if it is in the wrong place and if anyone can help me out getting this going please PM me.

edited to add: perhaps a special medal or something might be an idea
Good idea, plenty of computer savvy ex-squaddies who could do the job on behalf of the RBL.

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