Electronic navigator thingys

Take it this is for your bloke F_S, and that you aren't turuning into a weirdo!

You could look at the Garmin 12XL.  It takes an external antenna so you can use it under armour, it'll also take downloads from computers.

Not sure how much they are in UK, in GE they seem to be about £120 - £130.

It's worked for me.  Oh, and it obviously takes Army batteries.
The answer here is "how long is a piece of string?"

How much do you wish to spend?
What environment is the beast going to be used in?
What country(ies) will it be used in?
Will its own mapping be sufficient or will you need to be able to download/link to external sources of mapping?

These and many other questions need(/) to be answered - isn't looking for a new toy fun (or is that a boy's thing - I love it).

I carry a simple Magellan 315 which has survived pretty well up to now although it is showing its age a bit.  Very useful for sticking under the cab driver's nose when he claims to have dropped me off at the correct grid ;D ;D
It's for my chap.  Why would girls want one when we are blessed with such incredible innate sense of direction?

I am not sure I can answer all of heavy's good questions though - but money is no object and he will potentially need to use it anywhere in the world.  I will work on the basis that he will not need to download.  So if someone were buying you one as a surprise, what would you like to get?

Sinner..... don't worry - I am sure you make up for it in other ways...
The Garmin 12XL is a very good baic model.

Try the eTrex Vista if he would like a barometer ;D


the Magellan Meridan Platinum if he would like both a barometer and an electronic compass ;D ;D
Thanks Heavy

I don't want one that too good - he might leave me for it!

I have a winning product though now and even an offer to get one via duty free so thanks to all you gadget-meisters.
I picked up a great one this morning.  You just put in the phone number of your destination and it works out the route for you.

Problem is it's built in to a bloody toyota.

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