Electronic medical records system - where to start looking?


I'm an interloper in this forum, not being RAMC, but I thought I'd drop in and see if anyone can give me some professional advice.

I've inadvertently entered the medical profession by being appointed as general manager of a group of companies in Asia. One happens to be a chain of private medical clinics that were set up to handle patients from a local insurance company. These clinics provide pre-hospital services and are bit like GP healthcare centres, albeit they are of a "local" standard.

As my clinics admin standards are primitive, I want to introduce an electronic medical records system - something that can track patients, consumables, equipment usage, etc, and which might be able to interface at one end with the one or two bits of shiny kit we have, and with a local statutory accounting system at the other. I could get some programmers to write a new system from scratch, but I was hoping to find and off-the-shelf solution already in use somewhere else.

Obviously this is a vast field, and google searching mostly leads me to US providers. I'd rather find a UK/European solution, but have no idea whether there are a few market leaders, or a zillion different packages in use in UK alone.

- Is there any kind of medical journal or professional publication that perhaps lists or compares such data/practice management systems?

- Are there any particular packages in common usage that would be recognised by a typical European health professional, or is it completely open field?

- Specifically does the Army/NHS* use a specific system that is licensable and worth looking at?

Thx for any feedback.

*(Looking ahead, i might have a string of jobs available for expat health professionals, hence my interest on modelling the business on something from UK).
I've worked in about a dozen hospitals and all use a different system. Generally they have been Citrix based. Names such as EMIS and PIMS are what I can remember the patient management being called. However I don't know of these are generic or brand names. The BMA have a good set of online forums that you may be able to access, so may be a better place to ask.

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EMIS Web may fit the bill but watch out for the snakes.
If it helps I am now a PMS practice manager with a bit of knowledge of the Far East. Feel free to PM me

Thinking about it a bit more, if You can let me have more details I will discuss with my IT manager and one of my GPs.


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Do your clinic contain dental surgeries? Dental software currently quite different from Medical.

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