Electronic ear defenders £15.59


What is it with the hermans and shooting gear in a supermarket?



"Get a closer look at the *wild birds* from a comfortable distance."

Can't personally recommend the scope, but I've got a pair of sailing binos from the same establishment, and the optics are pretty d*mn good for the price.

The budget-conscious out there might want to draw the line at THIS, though. ...If they want to enjoy any "relations" for the next few months... :wink:

Edited to add: D'oh! Sorry, vandyke, somehow missed your link above. :(
Just bought a pair and for the price they are pretty good, not tried them out on the range yet but I mounted the gun with them on and no interference with the stock. The amplification is very good aswell, you could hear a pin drop on full volume.

Certainly worth £15 they also come with a 3 year guarantee
Some Ebayer already trying to rip folk off

Says the RRP is £99, Lying C*nt

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