Electronic ear defender advice please

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Having no chance of getting the moulded ear defenders and in the knowledge that I'll be spending a fair bit of time as RCO / FPI over the next year, I'm looking to get a set of electronic ear defenders.

    I've seen Peltor S6s on eVilpay for about £50 which looks good - any views on them?

    Will they fit under an S6 lid? Any others I should look for?


  2. If you mean the Peltor tactical 6S - grey ones - yes, they are good and fit under a Mk6, 6A and 7. Sound quality is excellent and they block out SA / grenades etc well. And they seem to be pretty robust and don't mind the occasional puddle / horizontal rain.

    Only probs with them are a tendency for the foam wind covers to come off the microphones (I'm on my second / third set and have resorted to superglue) and the lack of on /off markings on the switches. Which is easily solved with a marker pen.

    Oh, and they're grey. But that does mean they are easier to spot if someone 'borrows' them.
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  3. any spare for an ex-crafty then?

  4. I'll have a look in the garage and see if I can find some.
  5. Ravers

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  6. As you have altzheimers, I'll be kind, I have a pair of these, don't necessarily need to buy from the link, I only got them there because I was splooging a big wad of cash so got a bit of a discount...

    Dauntsey Guns: Ear Protection, LEIGHT-1013530, Howard Leight - Impact Sport Electonic Ear Defenders

    I like them because a) they use ordinary AAA batteries (I notice a lot of the peltors don't and it's gash)
    b) headphones are linked so only one set of batteries and one on/off/volume control.

    They fit under the helmet fine and they come with an audio lead so you can listen to "gaybar" on your iPod whilst brassing up the countryside (perhaps "song 2" if you prefer starship troopers)
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  7. How do you think these two electronic earmuff ?
    The first one has external battery compartment lid,the next one you just need recover the foam indside of the cups.
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  8. personally I'd always go for an external battery compartment as you don't want to lose the foam from inside the cup...

    In my case the first ones would put me off with the 2 big knobby things, wouldn't fit under the helmet..
  9. Most of the earmuff fit the helment just need some changes...
    These two are easy to replace the batteries
    Step 1.jpg Step 2.jpg
  10. Bravo Bravo

    Do not feel too upset about missing out on the moulded earplugs.
    Some reports suggest that they do not perform as well over time due to subtle changes in your ear canal e.g. weight loss/gain and hydration levels over the day.
    Also unless they were cast in your ear while lying prone with your jaw against a rifle then there can be enough repositioning of your jawbone to again affect the shape of the ear canal.

    Unless you wear spectacles big muffs over your ears make a reliable seal and are easily donned.

    If using non moulded disposable type earplugs they must be donned properly to be effective. They can increase inner ear noise levels if they are left sticking out of your ear.

    If you look straight ahead at your reflection then no plug should be visible, get those suckers in deep.

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  11. Guys has anyone got a nsn for these ear defenders please?